This is an over-time blog dedicated to Ahmadi leadership and their storage of money overseas in Panama. There were many companies named that have a connection with Mirza Masroor Ahmad. Qadir Enterprises is the first. Its important to note that the famous Abdul Baqi Arshad is also named as an owner of this company.  

Mirza Masroor Ahmad was operating with money from the UK and seems to have created a company and sent lots of money overseas in an attempt to avoid paying taxes with the UK government.
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From May 22, 2000 to Oct 23rd, 2001, Mirza Masroor Ahmad registered Qadir Enterprises in Panama and stored money there. The amount of money is unknown. It was abruptly closed in 2001. The reason is unknown. At the time, Mirza Masroor Ahmad was a volunteer for the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. He was the Chief Executive of the Ahmadiyya movement in Pakistan and with a strong family connection to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. It is interesting to note that this company was linked to the UK, not Pakistan. Many Ahmadis have been trying to spread the lie on social media that Ahmadi leadership was forced to store money overseas vs. the threat of the Government of Pakistan.


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