As we all know, MGA planned all of his claims. Before 1879, he already knew that he was going to claim to be a prophet, the second coming of Esa (As) and etc etc. We have recently found announcement, which is referred to in Izala Auham, which was written just 4 years after this mystery announcement. In this announcement, MGA’s god seems to be telling MGA that he is in fact, Esa (as) the son of Mary. This is worrisome, since the Ahmadiyya jamaat has never admitted to this.

The full quote from Tadhkirah (2018) edition
Izala-e-Auham, pp. 632–635, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 3, pp. 441–443

“””This is God’s grace and it appears strange in your eyes. We shall soon show you Our Signs in
your own selves and also around you. Proof will be established and the victory will be clear. Do
they say: ‘We are a large party?’ All of them will be routed and shall turn their backs. Even if people desert you I shall not desert you; if people do not safeguard you, I shall safeguard you. I shall exhibit My flash and shall exalt you as a demonstration of My Power. Peace on you, O Ibrahim [Abraham], We have chosen you with sincere friendship. God will set all your affairs right and will bestow upon you all that you might desire. You are to Me like My Unity and My Uniqueness. Allah is not the one to leave you till He has separated the impure from the pure. He will raise your status and will increase your progeny and thereafter you alone will be considered the progenitor of your family. I shall make you famous with honour to the ends of the earth and shall exalt your name and shall put your love in the hearts of the people.

–[Arabic] We have made you Masih Ibne-Maryam [Messiah, son of Mary].

–[Urdu] Tell them: I have come in the footsteps of Jesus. They will say: ‘We have not heard any such thing from our ancestors’ Respond to them that: Your knowledge is limited; God knows
best. You are content with the letter and obscurity. The true reality has not been disclosed to you. He who realises that the foundation of the Ka‘bah was a design of divine wisdom is very wise, for he has partaken of the mysteries of the universe. One of high resolve will be born. He will be like you in beauty and benevolence. He will be of your progeny.

–[Persian] [Son, delight of the heart, high ranking, noble;]

–[Arabic] [A manifestation of the True and the High, as if Allah had descended from heaven. You will pass through different periods with different companions and will behold distant progeny. We shall bestow upon you a good life; eighty years or thereabouts.”””
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