Watch my video on this here. The Mirza family has engaged in fake news propaganda since 1889. Just yesterday, the famous Pakistani talk show host explained how if you search google with the keywords, Khalifa of Islam, Mirza Masroor Ahmad will appear. In the below, we explain how the Mirza family aka the Ahmadiyya community engages in various levels of fake news propaganda, just for asylum and other perks. In fact, there is no persecution of Ahmadi’s in Pakistan, its all a game of propaganda by the Mirza family.

What is the Khalifa of Islam anyways? This entire phraseology is grammatically incorrect. No Muslim has ever used it. It translates literally as the “Successor of Islam”. However, in Islam there are no successors. Muslims have used “Khulafa e Rashideen” to signify the Khilafat of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali. Other Khilafat’s have used similar connotations. Nevertheless, this was a marketing campaign by the Ahmadiyya community and we can see it all clearly now.

Why have Ahmadi’s manipulated wikipedia and other sites for Search Engine Optimization?

Ahmadi’s and the Mirza family have engaged in propaganda wars since 1889. They have also spread fake news about the Ahmadiyya business since 1889. In 1902-1904, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was claiming that there were 200k Ahmadi’s in British-India, which was proven later to be a lie. MGA kept on lying and by 1908, MGA claimed 400k Ahmadi’s in British-India, however, the census of 1911 destroyed all of those ideas.
World Christian Encylopedia and Ahmadiyya lies about being the fastest spreading group of Muslims (2001)

For about 10 years, the Ahmadi trolls on social media have been boasting that Ahmadiyya is the fastest spreading sect of Islam per the World Christian Encyclopedia (2001). However, I opened that book and disproved the entire claim. The WCE never called Ahmadiyya the fastest spreading anything, Ahmadi’s took some vague data and began boasting that themselves. However, they refuse to admit to their error. By 2020, barely 100k people joined Ahmadiyya in 2020 (even that is lie)

Pakistan, Bhutto and the 1971 free elections in Pakistan

Mirza Nasir Ahmad purposely lied and claimed that there were 10 million in the whole world of which half were in Pakistan. This was a bold face lie, he did this to get influence with Bhutto and his government. Mirza Tahir Ahmad would do the same in his debacle of 1993 to 2003, wherein it was claimed that 200 million people converted to Ahmadiyya.

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