Watch my video on this herein. The Ahmadiyya movement was not given access to the French colony of Cameroon. In fact, the French hated the Ahmadiyya movement and never allowed them into any of their colonies, it was only the British colonies wherein Ahmadiyya was implanted. Nevertheless, per the CIA factbook, by 2018, only 24% of the country is Muslim, who live almost exclusively in the northern area and western area of the country wherein Chad and Nigeria are nearby (and the old islamic trade routes). This area was an old Islamic empire which was broken by the European powers and divided. The dominant Muslim tribe in the north is the Fulani (or Peuhl) ethnic group. In the western region, the Bamoun ethnic group is predominately Muslim. Moreover, the Christian community in Cameroon is mostly in the central and southern region of the country.

It is unclear when the Ahmadiyya community got access to Cameroon, however, it seems to be after 2000. The first Jalsa was held in 2014 (at Foumban, Cameroon, where the first Ahmadiyya mosque is), thus proving that by 2014, there were barely any Ahmadi’s in Cameroon. There are only 2 Ahmadiyya place of worship in the entire country. Those can only hold roughly 500 worshippers each. We estimate that there are barely 500 Ahmadi’s in Cameroon as of 2020. However, unofficial Ahmadiyya sources are claiming that there are 430,000 Ahmadi’s in this country, which is a total lie, in fact, the pew research study that they took this from simply asked 100 Muslims a bunch of questions, of which 12 were Ahmadi. Ahmadi’s took this data and claim that 12% of the Muslim population is Ahmadi, which is total academic dishonesty.
The Missionary-in-Charge of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya in Cameroon Nayyar Abdul Khalique 

A Pakistani, Nayyar Abdul Khalique is the missionary-in-charge for the entire country. There doesn’t seem to be any additional Ahmadi missionaries (See at the 1:10 mark).
Only two Ahmadiyya place of worship in the whole country of Cameroon

The northern area is solid Muslim, most likely Maliki-Muslims, who have never converted to Ahmadiyya. The first Ahmadiyya place of worship is in Foumban, Cameroon, and just opened in 2019. The second seems to be in Nguti, Cameroon and is called Baitus Salam.

Ahmadiyya place of worship in Foumban

Inauguration of the Ahmadiyya Mosque in Foumban, Cameroon


How did the Europeans defeat the islamic empires?

In the early periods following the arrival of Islam in the region, Muslims were politically active and founded local sultanates. Political structures like the Kanem State and the Bornu Sultanate ruled North Cameroon for decades in the 19th century. These sultanates existed until colonizers began to occupy the region. The northern regions of Cameroon were taken under the control of the Adamawa Emirate, which was subject to the Sokoto Caliphate founded in Northern Nigeria in 1804. Having occupied Cameroon in 1884, the Germans violently oppressed the Muslims who had been in positions of power and diminished their political power in order to consolidate German authority.

The first ever Jalsa Salana was held in Cameroon, thus proving that there was barely any Ahmadi’s in Cameroon by 2013. 

The first Ahmadiyya place of worship was opened in Foumban, Cameroon.


Mirza Masroor Ahmad claims that 13,000 Cameroonians converted to Ahmadiyya in 2019-2020, which is a lie.

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