Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a fanatical Mullah. He radicalized Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in the 1980’s and didn’t care if innocent Ahmadi’s died. In 1984, he asked Zia to pass Ord-XX and thus moved his headquarters to London. About 9 months later, on 1-25-1985 (during a friday sermon), Mirza Tahir Ahmad lied to Ahmadi’s and claimed that a member of the 1974 NA told him (the Khalifa) that they didn’t publish the proceedings of the Ahmadiyya issue since they feared that 50% of Pakistan would read it and then convert to Ahmadiyya (See at the 22 minute mark). Mirza Tahir Ahmad was lying, he even claimed that he asserted to that person, that forget 50%, 99% of the just minded people would convert to Ahmadiyya if they ever published the hearings data.

However, after Mirza Tahir Ahmad died (2003), the Pakistani government did in-fact publish the entire breadth of the 1974 hearings. Further, Pakistani’s have read the hearings and not even 0.0000001% of them have converted to Ahmadiyya. Thus, proving that Mirza Tahir Ahmad lied.

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_____________________________________________________________________________________________This is from the 25th January 1985 Friday sermon of Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahab [page 8 of this pdf, page 56 of the document it is taken from]:

“The result of this proceeding becomes apparent from this story that once a member of this national assembly was asked why they don’t publish the proceedings. The entire national assembly has decided in favor of your position that Jamaat Ahmadiyya is wrong and has no relation to Islam with respect to it’s beliefs then why don’t you make their falsehoods apparent on the world by publishing the assembly proceeding? He laughed at it and said that you ask to publish this. Be grateful that we don’t publish.¬†If we published it then half of Pakistan would become Ahmadi. I believe his statement is rather humble. If the message of Ahmadiyyat is presented to the good people of Pakistan there is no reason that all of Pakistani doesn’t become Ahmadi¬†except some unfortunate people who always remain deprived.”

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