We were able to interview one of the pioneers of the #exahmadimovement, our big brother Akber Chaudhary. He needs no introduction, he recently gave his life story. He was also on the Waqar Zaka show when they exposed the Khalifa. Akber Choudhry and Waqar Zaka discussed the Ahmadiyya Movement INC and money laundering. Our brother Akber Choudhry had written a new essay on the Ahmadiyya non-profit global business model. Also check out Akber’s previous amazing work on Ahmadiyya and how they stored money illegally overseas. Akber and AK Shaikh have made videos about all of this too. They proved that Mirza Masroor Ahmad owned companies that held money tax-free in Panama.

Nevertheless, we asked him 30+ questions, they are listed in the below.

Questions asked to Akber Chaudhary

1. Explain Mirza Tahir Ahmad connections with Bhutto during 1970–1974, specifically during the elections of 1971.

2. Was it 1969–1973 when Mirza Nasir Ahmad began inflating the census numbers of Ahmadi’s in the world. (9:20 mark).

3. Why won’t the Mirza family move their headquarters back to India? (11:38).

4. Explain the 99-year lease for Rabwah, Pakistan aka Chenab Nagar. (15:08 mark).

5. Can a citizen of Pakistan lobby to political officials to get the 99-year lease of Rabwah revoked?

6. Why wasn’t he 99-year lease cancelled by Bhutto in 1974?

7. Did the Mirza family start businesses under the Waqf-e-Jadid scheme and had dummy managers pretending to control them?  (20:43 mark).

8. What is the legal framework of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Pakistan? Are they a for-profit business?  (24:40 mark).

9. What is TJ holdings? (33:23 mark).

10. Why did Mirza Masroor Ahmad create AMJI international and why isn’t Pakistan under this umbrella? (34:30 mark). Updated on the Panama Papers?

11. Why does the Mirza Sharif Ahmad Foundation hold the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya movement as 40 million pound asset as its only function. (37:45).

12. Why isn’t Pakistan specifically listed under the AMJI? (40:13 mark).

13. Is the Mirza family mentioned in the Pandora Papers. (46:00 mark).

14. How does the Mirza family manipulate foreign governments (47:32 mark).

15. Ahmadiyya in West Africa, the british colonies vs. in french colonies. (56:00 mark).

16. What years did you live in West Africa and how many Ahmadi’s are there in West Africa. (58:16 mark).

17. How many splits have occurred within the Ahmadiyya Movement in West Africa? How many sects of Ahmadiyya are there now? (1:01:24 mark).

18. What is the Ahmadiyya business model in Africa? How do they get funding for schools and hospitals in West Africa and East Africa? (1:06:39 mark).

19. Tell us about the Yuz Asaf theory and why are modern day Ahmadi’s denying the fact MGA connected the Quran 23:50 with the Yuz Asaf theory? (1:08:57).

20. Why did MGA claim that Arabic was the mother of all languages? (1:13:42 mark).

21. The Musleh Maud prophecy? (1:18:15 mark).

22. Is Maryam buried in Murree, Pakistan? (1:19:47 mark).

23. Why did MGA claim that Yuz Asaf brought the injeel? And this would break the cross. (1:20:24 mark).

24. Why did they name their private city as Rabwah? If nowadays, they are claiming its unimportant? (1:23:00 mark).

25. Per the Quran and Tafsir, where is Rabwah? (1:25:00).

26. What is Barlaam and Josaphat and its connections with the Yuz Asaf theory? Was Yuz Asaf from Egypt? Persia?

27. Why are Ahmadi’s like Yahya Khan and Saleem Mir denying the Yuz Asaf theory? Will Ahmadi’s totally deny the Yuz Asaf theory? (1:32:30 mark).

28. Why have some Ahmadi’s became Bahai? What are the similarities between Ahmadiyya and Bahai-ism?

29. As a voting citizen, how can lobby senators/congressmen to pass laws against abuse by charities like the Ahmadiyya Movement and the Catholic church? (1:40:00 mark). What about chanda aam at 6.25% and Wasiyyat at 10% monthly?

30. Explain the Ahmadiyya refugee crisis, specifically in Malaysia? (1:48:30 mark).

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