It seems that a man by the name of J. Daniel Esq. came to Qadian, he was working as the head master of the Gujrat Mission School (See English Review of Religions, April-1906). The Review of Religions doesn’t think J. Daniel Esq. was being sincere. We have listed the 7 questions in the below. In response to J. Daniel Esq., the editors of the ROR point out that the Jews had called Jesus (as) as crazy. They then process to give MGA’s life story. After all of this, they finally come to the questions. They write that J. Daniel Esq. accused MGA of having dementia. Ahmadi’s quote the bible, John 10:20, as they attempt to make a parallel between MGA being crazy and Jesus Christ of Bible. The Ahmadi’s argue that Jesus Christ of Bible was accused of being a wine drinker and that was also connected to the accusation that he was crazy.

Abruptly, the Ahmadi writers of this essay (it must be Muhammad Ali) agree that MGA does have many diseases (dementia is now inferred and admitted to). However, they argue that it was foretold by Muhammad (saw) as such (astagfarullah). The Ahmadi’s argue that the Messiah would be clad in two yellow garments and thus, the diseases of MGA were foretold. The Ahmadi’s argue that MGA suffers from syncope and polyuria. Which is a medical way of saying that MGA fainted all the time and always had excessive urination problems. They then argue that MGA does not have any mental diseases. MGA is then called a prophet herein about twice, thus procing the falsity of the Lahori-Ahmadi’s. MGA‘s cousin (Mirza Imam ud Din) is then mentioned as the Ahmadi writer attempts to answer Question-2, the Ahmadi admits that MGA’s cousin also started his own religion to the sweeper community (chooray) at Qadian. A quote is then given by MGA without a reference, this has to do with MGA and his revelations. In terms of the 4th question by J. Daniel Esq., Ahmadi’s asserted that MGA is sinless. The rest of the responses are nonsense.

This report also shows up in the Urdu-Review of Religions for 1906.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________J. Daniels questions to MGA in 1906, see English Review of Religions, April-1906
Review Of Religions – April 1906 Edition by reviewofreligions – issuu

1—Have you ever been affected with a brain disease. If so, what and when? Does its attack recur now?

2—Did you begin to have revelations before you suffered from an attack of such disease or after that? Has any of your relatives ever made strange pretensions? If so, what and when?

3—Has the idea ever had access to your mind that your claims may be wrong? If so, how was the doubt removed? Is it not possible that the doubt may be valid?

4—Have you ever committed, or do you ever commit, a sin in your deeds or words?

5—One person cannot he like of different person who teachings are different. For instance, Christ taught atonement, and the Prophet Muhammad is opposed to this teaching. How can you than, being the like of these two different persons, spread two different doctrines. In a like manner, the Prophet Muhammad and Christ did not admit the doctrine of transmigration of souls, but Guru Nanak and Sri Krishna give this teaching. How can you then be the like of all of these four?

6—What proof, beside the word of your mouth which may be wrong, can you give from sacred writings and from reason that you are the like of Krishna, Nanak, Christ and Muhammad?

7—What is the significance and proof of your assertion that “Jesus, son of Mary, is from me and I am from God?”.


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Review Of Religions – April 1906 Edition by reviewofreligions – issuu

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