During the 1934 Jalsa at Qadian, the Qadiani Khalifa said that #Qadianis are khassi (castrated), which means #Qadianis are castrated as they serve the Mirza family. He meant this in a way of indentured servitude to the Mirza family. Ahmadiyya sources claim that 15,000 people attended this jalsa (see ROR of Jan-1935, via the associated press). Mufti Muhammad Sadiq gave a speech about his recent trip to Kashmir and some new research work that he has in terms of the Yuz Asaf theory. This work was published in 1936 in a book called “Qabar-i-Masih”. The Ahmadi Maulvie Abdur Rahim Nayyar gave a speech on the alleged spread of the Ahmadiyya Movement in West Africa and many others area. Zafrullah Khan was also there and gave a speech on “Socialism and Economic Ideals in Islam”. Professor Muhammad Aslam (Lecturer at Government College, Lahore) also gave a speech. The 2nd Khalifa gave a speech on the Ahrar’s, it is then claimed that there were 20,000 people present during the speeches of the 2nd Khalifa.

The associated press reported that an Ahmadi named Chaudrhi Muhammad Din (revenue member, Jaipur state) and Professor Abdul Majid of Bhagulpur state was also there and finally Seth Abdullah Alladin. Maulana Zafar Ali was also discussed at the Jalsa.

In the ROR of April-1935, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s alleged that 857 (and the ROR of Aug-1935) people joined Ahmadiyya during the week of the 1934 Jalsa at Qadian. It also claims that 90 people converted to Ahmadiyya when the 2nd Khalifa went to Gurdaspur for the Crown vs. Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari. And 390 people converted in the month of March-1935.

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