In this video, a Sunni brother with the title of FullMetal Theist has exposed Ahmadiyya in many ways. Our brother FullMetal Theist begins by a question, do Muslim’s believe that the Promised Messiah is Jesus (as). Technically, there is no such term in Islam, i.e. “Promised Messiah”. Nevertheless, FullMetal Theist present the famous hadith from no other than Abu Hurairah (whom MGA called stupid, ghabi and nadaan). In fact, Abu Hurairah warned us about people like Mirza Ghulam Ahmad via a famous narration from Muhammad (Saw). FullMetal Theist then explains this specific hadith, which via Sahih Bukhari. He then explains how MGA claimed to be the metaphoric return of Jesus (as), because he isn’t Jesus (as), thus, MGA had no other choice and as a result of that, they believe that Jesus (as) is dead and that he died in India.

FullMetal Theist then presents a famous sahih hadith from Muslim wherein again Abu Hurairah is the key narrator. Nevertheless, he is quoted as saying that Jesus (as) would perform Hajj or Umra, or both, and would emerge from valley of Rauha (a valley near Medina). In the 1960’s, the Ahmadiyya Movement produced Malfuzat and made a mockery of this hadith via MGA.

FullMetal Theist then explains how MGA claimed to be the Mahdi. He presents the famous hadith from Abu Daud, wherein it is stated by Muhammad (saw) that a man from his family, who’s father would also be named Abdullah. In fact, Abu Bakr (ra) and Umar (ra) are also quoted in this situation and thus, there are 3-4 sahaba attesting to the fact that the Mahdi would emerge from the female bloodline of the prophet {via Fatima (ra)} and spread justice in the world. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s father was named Mirza Ghulam Murtaza. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad admitted to all of this posthumously (1908), via Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol.5, see pages 477-478). FullMetal Theist then quotes MGA from 1891, via Izala Auham, and MGA was claiming that many Mahdi’s might come.

FullMetal Theist then explains how these beliefs is what has caused mainstream Islam to denounce the Ahmadiyya movement altogether. He then sets out to explain what standards Mirza Ghulam Ahmad gave for prophethood (the Ahmadi standard). Mirza Ghulam Ahmad created many standards in his writings. These were all in terms of prophethood and via prophecies. In other words, MGA presented his prophecies as proof of his prophethood (see Noah’s Ark by MGA). MGA even said that to judge his truthfulness, he should be judged by his prophecies. MGA said that even if one of his prophecies failed, he was a total liar. MGA even said that his GOD controls his tongue, and thus, everything MGA says is from his GOD.

FullMetal Theist explains the story of MGA vs. Piggot which started in 1902. FullMetal Theist explains how MGA clearly said that Piggot would die in his lifetime and failed. FullMetal Theist quotes an article by Tahir Ijaz in the Ahmadiyya Gazette of Canada from 2010. He explains how this PDF was removed by the Ahmadiyya Movement. However, the specific letter of MGA can be found in other places. Nevertheless, Tahir Ijaz argued in 2010 that Piggot had totally retracted his public claims, and thus outlived MGA by almost 20 years (1927). FullMetal Theist easily disproves the idea that Piggot retracted his public claims by showing scans from newspapers dated as 1904, 1905 and 1908. MGA then died on May 26, 1908, and in 1909, Piggot again made his claims public (see the British newspaper archive).

FullMetal Theist then begins to explain the “A virgin and a widow” prophecy by MGA (from Tiryaq ul Qulub, 1899-1902 era). FullMetal Theist makes a minor mistake when he says that Tadhkirah is a book by MGA, technically, it isn’t. FullMetal Theist explains how MGA saw half of this prophecy fulfilled in 1884 and was awaiting the second part of it to be fulfilled in the future. FullMetal Theist then shows the bogus explanation by the only college educated child of MGA, Mirza Bashir Ahmad. Mirza Bashir Ahmad argued in 1934-1935 (when Tadhkirah was first collected and printed) that this prophecy was fulfilled, and gave a lame excuse and thus, this is another failed prophecy.

FullMetal Theist then presents his final failed prophecy, “the boy who was never born” aka The Failed Prophecy of MGA regarding the Birth of a Son to Pir Manzur Muhammad 1906-1908. FullMetal Theist explains how MGA totally failed. He then explains how MGA re-interpreted Islam literature as metaphors and then worked himself in. He then explains how in April of 1974, the Muslim World League declared Ahmadi’s to be outside of Islam.

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