Pir Manzur Muhammad was the son of Sufi Ahmad Jan of Ludhiana. Noorudin had married his sister (Sughra Begum) in 1889. Ahmadiyya sources also tell us that Pir Manzur Muhammad wrote the famous standardized “Yassarnal-Quran” in Urdu in 1904, it is still used to this day. In the early part of 1906, Pir Manzur Muhammad agreed to allow his  daughter to marry Mir Muhammad Ishaq (MGA’s younger brother-in-law). After this marriage in 1906, MGA began to have revelations about this couple having a baby-boy, they already had 2 daughters and were thus hoping for a son. However, they had a baby-girl instead in 1907 and then Muhammadee Begum herself died in 1908. In 1914, Pir Manzur Muhammad wrote to the Khalifa (Noorudin) and asked about the “Musleh Maud”, Pir Manzur Muhammad was already indicating that Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was in-fact the Musleh Maud (see Tashhizul Azhan, 1914, and Tarikh-i-Ahmadiyyat, Vol. IV, page 369) and (“Truth Prevails”, pages 90-91). We have also written an essay on MGA, abortion, mis-carriages and his followers.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1st Revelation and Prophecy

February 19, 1906

“””I saw (in my dream) that a son was born to Manzur Muhammad and he asked what name should be given him. Then my mind moved from the dream towards the reception of revelation and I was informed: Bashirud-Daulah The Promised Messiah[as] said: I supplicate for a large number of people and do not know to whom the word Manzur Muhammad refers. It might be that the word indicates that a son would be born to Miyań Manzur Muhammad whose birth might bring with it prosperity and wealth; or it might be that the boy himself might rise high and be wealthy. But I cannot say for certain when that boy would be born. God has not specified any time. It might be soon or Allah the Almighty may delay it for several years.”””

I have bolded the sentence because, MGA says ‘it might be’, that means at this stage MGA is just making an assumption about the father of this son. Ahmadis may try to use this as a loophole and say the actual prophecy relates to someone else who may yet to be born as the MGA clearly states he doesn’t know when this prophecy will be fulfilled. But from revelations after this, we will see MGA was sure that the son was to be born to the same couple.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________2nd Revelation and Prophecy

June 7, 1906

“””It has been conveyed to me by revelation that in the family of Miyań Manzur Muhammad, that is to Muhammadi Begum, a son will be born, who will have two names: (1) Bashirud-Daulah (2) ‘Alam Kabab Both of these names were revealed to me. My interpretation and understanding concerning these is as follows: (1) Bashirud-Daulah means that he would be a good augury for our glory and prosperity. After his birth (or after his achieving his discretion), the prophecy concerning the great earthquake and other prophecies will be fulfilled and a large number of people will turn to us and a great victory will be achieved. (2) ‘Alam Kabab means that within a few months of his birth, or before he achieves his discretion, the world would be overtaken by a great calamity as if it was coming to an end. That is why that boy has been named ‘Alam Kabab. In short, this boy will be called Bashir-ud-Daulah as he will be a Sign of our glory and prosperity and he will be ‘Alam Kabab because he will be an example of the Judgment Day for our opponents.”””

From the bolded statement, it is clear MGA is saying Allah has conveyed that the son was to be born to the same couple itself. Earlier, in February, MGA was assuming but now Allah has conveyed.

We also learn that a great earthquake is a sign for this person. And a large number of converts will happen.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Same day another revelation is mentioned in Tadkhirah

June 7, 1906

“””Thereafter, it has been conveyed to me that this boy has two other names also: (1) Shadi Khan, as he will be a token of joy for this Community and (2) Kalimatullah Khan, because he will be a word of God. It has been so appointed from the beginning and will be fulfilled in this age. It is ordained that God will keep the mother of this boy alive till this prophecy is fulfilled. A previous revelation: [English] A word and two girls; refers to the same prophecy…. Miyań Manzur Muhammad has two daughters and when the Kalimatullah will be born then the prophecy A word and two girls would be fulfilled. [Badr, vol. 2, no. 24]”””

Yet again MGA confirms through Allah’s revelation that the said person will be born to the same couple and relates it with another prophecy he received. And as per the previous prophecy about the word and two girls, MGA says the said couple will now have a son, after two daughters.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Again in June itself MGA talks about this

June 19, 1906

“””The names of the son of Miyań Manzur Muhammad, who will be a Sign, have been conveyed by revelation of Allah are as follows:

(1) Kalimatul-‘Aziz (2) Kalimatullah Khan (3) [English] Word (4) Bashirud-Daulah (5) Shadi Khan (6) ‘Alam Kabab (7) Nasirud-Din (8) Fatehud-Din (9) [Arabic] [This is a blessed day.]””””

Now we note see that all this happened while Miyan Manzur Muhammad’s wife, Muhammadee Begum, was pregnant. And from the prophecy bolded above MGA clearly thought this would be a boy and that is why he said the couple had two daughters and when the son (‘A word’) is born the prophecy about ‘Two girls and a word’ will be fulfilled. But in July Muhammadi Begum gave birth to a third girl. Now, with the a girl being born the actual prophecy, if it has to be true, should have mentioned three girls.

Now, after the girl was born, MGA claimed that he supplicated to Allah and it was accepted and the earthquake was postponed and thus it was necessary that the birth of this boy should also be postponed. So, according to MGA, he prayed so much after June so that Allah changed his mind about earthquake and thus the gender of the 8 month old fetus was also changed and Muhammadee Begum delivered a baby girl next month.

No son was born to the said couple thereafter and in the year 1908 Muhammadee Begum passed away. Clearly indicating that the prophecy of MGA failed.

Muhammadi Begum dies.

[Siratul-Mahdi, part 3, Riwayat no. 497, p. 22]
Via Tadhkirah

Dr. Mir Muhammad Isma‘il narrates from Pir Manzur Muhammad that:

When the Promised Messiah was dwelling in the garden after the severe earthquake he received a revelation:

[Urdu] The death of one of the three great men.

…Shortly thereafter Maulavi ‘Abdul-Karim Sialkoti fell ill and died after a few days.
Malfoozaat Hazrat Ameerul Momineen Khalifatul Maseeh Sani AlFazl vol.32 No.255 dated 31 Oct 1944 p.1; mention in Tazkirah, Collection of Revelations of Mirza, 2nd edition, p. 616, footnote

“Hazrat Amirul Momineen Khalifatul Maseeh as-Sani … on one occasion, giving the
explanation of this inspiration, said: “One meaning of the KALIMA is that book of Pir
Manzoor Mohammed Saheb which he wrote about Musleh Mowood and the meaning of
TWO GIRLS is his girls. In other words in the inspiration this was revealed that his legacy

will be two things – one kalimah and two girls – thus one of his girls was Hamida Begum
Saheba Marhooma who was married to Sardar Karam Dad Khan Saheb Pensioner and
other is Saleha Begum Saheba who came into the wedlock of Mirza Mohammed Ishaq
Saheb. These are the two girls who are mentioned in this inspiration and the act of God
has confirmed that these two girls were meant by it. It was also evident by this inspiration
that Pir Saheb will not have a boy. ….. The meaning of this inspiration is only this that he is
the first one to point towards this prophecy. Thus in our Jamaat the first one to write a
book about Musleh Mowood was written by Pir Saheb and this inspiration was about it.”
Expected Ahmadi Arguments

Whenever a Prophecy falls flat. Ahmadis often use the following excuses:

First argument would be based on the first revelation I quoted. Ahmadis would say MGA said “It might be that the word indicates that a son would be born to Miyań Manzur Muhammad”. We know this argument holds no basis from the revelation he received later in which he says the matter was conveyed from Allah.

Second argument, is yet again on the basis that MGA interpreted the dream wrong and when Allah said Miyan Manzur Muhammad He actually meant MGA itself and the son referred to is Mirza Bashiruddeen Mahmud Ahmad. Mahmud Ahmad was already born and in his teens while this prophecy of a son to be born was received. This makes no sense. Further, MGA said Allah conveyed to MGA that the son would be born to this specific couple.
Pocket Book Ahmadiyya p. 453

“Hazrat Saheb (Mirza Ghulam) has clearly stated that identity of Manzoor Mohammed
cannot be determined, neither has the inspiration established that. Hazrat Saheb did not
necessarily indicate that by Manzoor Mohammed Mian Manzoor Mohammed is meant. This
is a dream and in dreams names are mentioned according to the qualities. Therefore by
Manzoor Mohammed no one is meant except Hazrat Maseeh Mowood and Basheerud
Daula is Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood Ahmad who is also Alam Kabab.”

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