Mirza Jami‘at Baig was the brother of MGA’s mother, Charagh Bibi and thus his maternal uncle. He lived in Aima (See ROR of June-1939). MGA went to Aima many times in his youth. He had 2 children, one boy and one girl. The elder sibling was a boy named Mirza Ali Sher Baig and the girl was Hurmat Bibi. MGA married Hurmat Bibi in roughly 1854-1855, they had 2 sons, Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Mirza Fadl Ahmad. In the 1870’s, Mirza Fazl Ahmad married a daughter of Mirza Ali Sher Baig (izzat bibi), this was a cousin marriage, they had no kids.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s sister, Murad Bibi was also married to a family in the Hoshiarpur area.

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