Murad Bibi was the eldest child of Mirza Ghulam Murtaza, (See Dard, page 33). She had two siblings that lived, Mirza Ghulam Qadir and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, her first cousins were Mirza Imam ud Din and Mirza Nizam ud Din, and her niece was the famous Muhammadi Begum. She was married to Mirza Muhammed Baig in Hoshiarpur very early on in her life (he died early and she lived as a widow)(see Seeratul Mahdi), most likely by the age of 11, she probably visited Qadian all the time. Mirza Muhammad Baig’s younger brother was Ahmad Baig (also spelled Ahmad Beg), he married the sister of Mirza Imam ud Din, and his daughter was Muhammadi Begum. Thus MGA knew Muhammadi Begum from an early age, since he was her uncle in 3-4 different ways, MGA was a super uncle so to speak. Mirza Ahmad Baig‘s sister was also married to another cousin of MGA, Mirza Ghulam Hussain, the son of Mirza Ghulam Haidar, who was the brother of Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and Mirza Ghulam Muhi ud Din. As you can see, the Baig (Beg) family of Hoshiarpur and the Mirza family at Qadian intermarried with each other exclusively. I would guess that she was born in roughly 1830, which is a few years before Mirza Ghulam Qadir, her death year is unknown.

Nevertheless, in the below, we have posted 2 references from Seeratul Mahdi which describe the insanity of MGA’s sister, Murad Bibi. She is also mentioned in the ROR of June-1938.
pdf page no. 118 / 296
Narration no. 127

This is a long narration that talks about start of Muhammadi Begum episode. I will not translate all due to its length, but will translate some important points:

“Humble one states that Masih Moud’s sister was married to Mirza Muhammed Baig. But Mirza M. Baig died early and our aunt (mgaq’s sister) had to spend rest of her life as a widow. Our aunt used to get revelations/dreams. Masih Moud’s cousins i.e. Mirza Nizam ud Din and Mirza Imam ud Din’s sister Umar an Nisa was married to Mirza Muhammed Baig’s younger brother Mirza Ahmed Baig who gave birth to Muhammadi Begum. Mirza Nizam ud Din and Mirza Imam ud Din were worst kind of faithless and athiest in nature. Mirza Ahmed Baig was under their influence and was following their footsteps. Those people were always demanding a heavenly sign from mgaq because they were against / disliked Islamic teachings. 

There used to be a cousin of mgaq who was lost for a long time and his property was transferred to his wife Imam Bibi. She was sister of Mirza Ahmed Baig. Mirza Ahmed Baig wanted to transfer that property to his son Muhammed baig, brother of Muhammadi bagum. But Imam Bibi could not transfer that propery by law unless mgaq’s consent. Therefore, Mirza Ahmed Baig very humbly and respectfully requested mgaq to sign on the tranfer deed. “
pdf page no. 225 / 296
Narration no. 199

“Narrated to me Mirza Sultan Ahmed through Molvi Rahim Baukh M.A. that father (mgaq) had a sister who used to get dreams and visions very often, but grandfather had the opinion that she had mental problem. The she saw some dreams that made grandfather change his opinion. Once she saw an old man with white beard in her dreams who gave her a piece of paper as peryapt ( Taweez) with something written on that. When she woke up she had piece of leaf with few verses of Quran written on that.

Then she saw another dream that she was walking in a river upon that she got frightened and screamed water and woke up. Her calf were wet and there were spots of fresh sand. Grandfather said, this has nothing to do with menat fault.”
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