Little is known about this Cleric of the Ahmadiyya Movement. There was no proper missionary training center in Qadian until the 1930’s. We are thus unsure where and when this person was trained as a proper missionary. Nevertheless, after Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud traveled through the middle east enroute to London in late July/early August of 1924, an Ahmadi missionary was sent to Syria soon thereafter, he was Maulvi Sayyid Zayn al’Abidin Waliullah Shah. It seems that Maulvi Jalal ud Din Shams was also sent to Syria soon thereafter.  His exodus from Syria is totally unknown.  The ROR of 1931 gives us extensive info on the topic of Ahmadiyya in Syria and modern day Israel.  Khan writes extensively about Ahmadiyya in Syria and modern day Israel and gives new references from Britsh government documents, see Adil Hussain Khan (2015). From Sufism to Ahmadiyya: A Muslim Minority Movement in South Asia. Indiana University Press. p. 134.

October and November of 1919
The Review of Religions reports that an essay had been written about “The future of Turkey”, which forms the first article of this issue, this has also been translated into Arabic by Syed Zain-ul-Abideen Wali Ullah Shah for distribution in Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia and other Muslim countries. The pamphlet is to be printed in Egypt.

The Khalifa traveled through Damascus and modern day Israel in late July/early August of 1924
After traveling through the new territories of the British and French Empire, the Khalifa was allowed to send his missionaries to Syria and later modern day Israel. Maulvi Sayyid Zayn al’Abidin Waliullah Shah himself was able to obtain a position of lectureship at the “Sultania College” in Damascus for period of time before his return to Qadian, the then international headquarters of the Ahmadiyya movement. Following his return, Shams was left alone in Damascus at the instruction of the caliph. He thus disappeared into the history of Ahmadiyya.

Conflicting dates on his arrival in Syria
The ROR of 1931 tells us that he arrived in Damascus, Syria in July of 1925.  However, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that it was late in 1924 (See “From Rabwah to Tel Aviv (1976)).

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