We have written about this many times, the Ahmadiyya community started fake asylum cases after 1974 when they were declared non-Muslim in Pakistan, however, it didn’t work, Ahmadi’s were denied asylum in Germany, the UK, Canada and the USA. Watch my video on this herein. Watch her other interview herein. In fact, she claims that she first started working with Ahmadi’s in terms of their campaign to build a mosque in Dietzenbach, Germany, which seems to be The Bait Ul Baqi Mosque. She also mentioned the case of Fauzia Faizi.

In Germany, many Ahmadi’s have been complaining about being exploited for chanda by the Ahmadiyya jamaat, and lets not forget how Ahmadi’s killed their own daughter in Germany. We also have a video from Orya Maqbool, wherein he goes through many important documents and explains the asylum game that Ahmadi’s are playing (paperwork from Der Spiegel). This isn’t the first time that Ahmadi’s have been accused as such, watch my video herein. Even Pakistani-Christians have accused Ahmadi’s of faking asylum just to come to the West. Even Ahmadi’s have confessed about this asylum game.

Moreover, in the UK, the Ahmadiyya Movement, aka the Mirza family business is represented legally in the UK by Bindmans LLP.  Unlike, the USA, Germany, Africa, Pakistan and India (and many more), in the UK, every charity has to register and is thus monitored by the Charities Commission. In the past few years, many Ex-Ahmadi’s have reported their persecution and harassment to the UK Charities Commission and then forced to pay lawyer fee’s for many years until finally getting heard.

Watch Noman Alam and Affaf Azhar explain how they have been told about Ahmadi girls getting raped in Malaysia, and how the Khalifa knows about it and how Ahmadi office holders in Malaysia know about it and have also joined the raping of Pakistani-Ahmadi girls in Malaysia. Noman Alam tells the world that Malaysian Ahmadi officer holders have been raping Pakistani-Ahmadi girls and passing them around. Whenever an ahmadi girl tries to complain about it, they are threatened with visa refusal and thus silenced. The Ahmadiyya Movement is complicit in all of this. Noman Alam tells how the refugee chairman for the Ahmadiyya Movement in Malaysia is Kamran ul Mulk (could also be spelled as Noman Mulk) (see at the 49:53 mark). He is not an Ahmadi, however, he has been appointed by the Ahmadiyya Movement to represent Ahmadiyya to the United Nations and other NGO’s. He has totally made a business out of refugee’s and etc. Noman Alam explains how Kamran is working in cahootz with the leadership of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Malaysia and has made lots of money through his consulting services.

Noman Alam and Affaf Azhar explain how over the past 10 years, the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad had told Pakistani-Ahmadis to leave Pakistan and get visit visa’s to Malaysia and many other places (unofficially). This has caused roughly 5000 Pakistani-Ahmadi’s to be stuck in Malaysia in 2021. In fact, their lives have been destroyed by the Ahmadiyya Movement, they have been living in extreme poverty, their daughters have been raped, and they still have to give chanda. Recently, Affaf Azhar and Noman Alam did a video program with Zouq e Tanqeed youtube channel. In this video, they explained how Ahmadi’s are stuck in Malaysia, along with 5000 Pakistani Christians and Atheists. Affaf Azhar is an ex-Ahmadi and most likely an atheist, the host of this program is a Christian. It was this video and other work that Affaf has done which has caused the Ahmadiyya Movement in Canada to openly attack her via an official letter.

You can read the full history of Ahmadiyya in Malaysia herein. In 2016 and 2017, the Pakistani Christian community of Canada had a huge public spat with Ahmadiyya, see herein. It should be noted that in 2018, the Malaysian government officially told the Ahmadiyya Movement of Pakistan to stop sending #Ahmadis to Malaysia.

Who is Samina Khan, a politician in Germany?

She was a politician in the Copenhagen area of Germany. She is a member of the left, she is a parliamentarian, a newer party.
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