Marium Ahmad is the Great Great Grand-daughter of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, she is the child of Zahir Ahmad and Tazeen Ahmad, her brother makes music and is named Muhammad (aka Moe Vision, a wanna be rapper). Her biological maternal Great Grandfather was the infamous 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, her grandfather’s name is unknown, it would have been the husband of Sahibzadi Amtul Jameel aka Bibi Jameel. However, her father (Zahir Ahmad) was adopted and raised by his aunty and uncle, Sahibzadi Amtul Qayyum and MM Ahmad. Check out her interview here with her younger brother, she is almost 35. She discusses the importance of the english word “fuck” herein at the 22:32 mark. Marium talks about her mom and how hew mom (Tazeen Ahmad) doesn’t mind the word fuck (25:00 mark).


Marium Ahmad is one of the co-founders of Up 2 Us Foundation. She serves as the organization’s Director of Operations and is responsible for keeping the wheels turning on the day to day operations.

Born in Washington DC, where the rate of poverty is one of the highest in the country, Marium has a passion for serving her community, especially marginalized groups. By seeking out the voices of underserved communities, collaboration, and education, Marium helps to develop Up 2 Us programs that are designed to improve the quality of life for people in need. She is an advocate for social justice and believes it is everyone’s responsibility to serve and support each other in order to make a positive change in our society.

In 2021 Marium was named one of the Women Making History honorees for Women’s History Month in Montgomery County, Maryland. Marium earned her bachelors in Sociology from the University of Maryland and her masters degree in Education from George Mason University in 2018. In her free time she enjoys learning about history and making music. 

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