Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s great-great grandson is named Muhammad, however, his rape name is “Moe” and he seems to be a wanna-be rapper (IG account)(he was born in 1987). It is unclear whether he is an Ahmadi or not in 2023. His father is Mr. Zahir Ahmad, who is the great-grandson of MGA, through Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad. He is the biological son of Sahibzadi Amatul  Jameel (aka Bibi Jameel), who is the youngest sister of Mirza Tahir Ahmad. However, he was raised by his aunty (its unclear when this adoption occurred), Sahibzadi Amatul Qayyum sahiba, who was married to her first cousin, MM Ahmad (Mirza Muzzafar Ahmad, a grandson of MGA). Mr. Zahir Ahmad married a woman named Tazeen Ahmad, they had 2 kids, Muhammad (Moe Vision) and Marium, check out Marium’s music page herein. In 2014, he was tweeting about Lajna and Juma. In this interview, he talks about how his parents have supported him as a rap singer, he also mentions how his sister is also a singer (37:30 to 40:00 timestamp). You can see him with his wife herein and he admits to being in band in highschool and playing the trumpet. His wife was little Miss Maryland in the 3rd grade (her name is Anessa), Moe vision has 4 tattoos. He did a song with the other Qadiani-Ahmadi rapper, Sir Aah, see herein. Sir Aah rapped about the 2010 Lahore massacre herein.


Twitter (
Moe Vision
“@BasketballDay14: Lajna Basketball Recruiting Tour begins tomorrow!! #JumaTour Coming 2 a Juma near YOU”

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