“Khudai Faisla” seems to be a small booklet (9-10 pages)(Urdu) that was written by MGA and his team and seems to have been inserted into “Anjam-e-Athim” in 1984 as part of the Ruhani Khuzain editing project by Mirza Tahir Ahmad in 1984 and from the UK.

In this small booklet, MGA drew a Cartoon of the Trinity. MGA invites one of the following Christian priests: Dr. Martin ClarkImad-ud-Din, Thakur Das, Hasam-ud-Din, Safdar Ali Bhandara, Thomas Howell, or Fateh Maseeh. MGA says Christians eat pigeons with relish although the pigeon is their God (Holy Spirit). Hindus are better as they do not eat their God, the bull. MGA offered to gather in a field (Mubahila) and let the wrath of God descend on the person opposite. Offers 10,000 rupees (3,000 advance) in case nothing happens to the opposite person within one year. MGA challenged a Mubahila to Muslim scholars, he declares Nazir Hussain of Delhi to be the originator of the declaration of ‘kufr’ against MGA.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 11, pp. 34-36, (Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 1).  

“””””The Christian doctrine is that those who do not believe in Trinity and do not subscribe to the atonement of Jesus would be condemned eternally to hell…. To confine Limitless God to three or four partners and to believe that each is perfect in himself and is yet in need of association,
and to imagine that God was word in the beginning and that the same word that was God descended into the womb of Mary and acquired a body from her blood and was born in the usual manner and suffered all the ailments of childhood and when he grew up, he was seized
and put upon the cross, is abominable shirk, whereby man has been deified. God is above descending into a womb and acquiring a body and being seized by His enemies. 

Human nature rejects that God should undergo such suffering and that He Who is the Master of all Greatness and is the Fountainhead of all honour should permit such humiliation for Himself. The Christians admit that this was the first occasion of the humiliation of God and that He had never suffered such humiliation before. It had never happened before that God should have been established in the womb of a woman like the sperm. Ever since people had heard the name of God, it had never happened that He should have been born of a woman like a human child. The Christians admit all this and also admit that the three partners in the Godhead did not in the beginning have three separate bodies, but that at a certain point in time, 1896 years ago, separate bodies were assigned to the three partners. The form of the father is like that of Adam, for He created Adam in His own image (see Old Testament, Genesis 1:27), and the son appeared in the form of Jesus (see John 1:1) and the Holy Ghost assumed the form of a dove. (see Matthew 3:16)….

According to the Christians, these three embodied gods are embodied forever and have separate beings forever and yet all three combined are One God. If anyone can tell us, we should like to know how could all these three be one and yet have separate eternal bodies. Let someone unite Dr. Martyn Clarke and Padre ‘Imad-ud-Din and Padre Thakar Dass into one despite their separate bodies.  We can confidently affirm that if the three are beaten into one and their flesh is mixed together, they who were created three by God cannot become one. Since three mortal beings, despite possessing the possibility of assimilation and division cannot become one, then how the three beings about whom the Christians do not admit of the possibility of assimilation and division, can be one?

It would not be improper to say that these three gods of the Christians are like three members of a committee and according to them every commandment is issued by them unanimously or by a majority, as if Godhead were a republican form of government and god could not run the government on his own and is dependent upon the decisions of the council. 

Such is the compound god of the Christians; let him who wishes take a look at him.””””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, p. 37, (Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 1).  

“””If chastisement by the sword is in conflict with Divine attributes then this objection would apply primarily and very strongly to Moses who slaughtered whole peoples and caused rivers of blood to flow and left no room for anyone’s repentance. The battles undertaken according to the teachings of the Holy Qur’an kept the door of repentance open which is in accord with the law of nature and with Divine mercy. We observe that when God Almighty sends His punishment upon the world in the shape of plague or cholera, He, at the same time, bestows upon the physicians knowledge of such herbs and remedies as prove effective in putting out the fire of such epidemics.  Therefore, it is the method of warfare adopted by Moses which is open to the objection that it did not permit a way of escape for the enemy according to the law of nature. Even when such a way was permitted, it was partial and not complete. It is clear that it has been the Divine way from the beginning that the wrongdoing enemies of the Prophets have been destroyed by the sword. Then why is a similar commandment in the Holy Qur’an considered as open to objection? Was the God of the time of Moses different from the God of the time of
Islam? Or is it that in the time of Moses God loved battle, but now He considers it an evil?

Taking Up Arms Against a Just Non-Muslim Government is not Permitted

It should also be remembered that Islam permits the taking up of the sword only in opposition to people who themselves take it up first, and it permits the slaughter only of those who embark upon slaughter first. It does not lay down that the Muslims while they are the subjects of a non-Muslim sovereign who deals with them with justice and equity should take up arms against him as rebels. According to the Holy Qur’an this is the way of the wicked and not of the righteous. But the Torah has not made this distinction clear at any place. This shows that the Holy Qur’an in all its commandments, whether of majesty or of beauty, adheres to the straight line of equity, justice, mercy and beneficence and is unique in this respect also among all the scriptures.”””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________(See wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim,  pp 34-44: A good way for the priests of Punjab and India to solve the issue

    1. Cartoon of Trinity
    2. MGA invites one of the following Christian priests: Dr. Martin ClarkImad-ud-Din, Thakar Das, Hasam-ud-Din, Safdar Ali Bhandara, Thomas Howell, or Fateh Maseeh
    3. Christians eat pigeons with relish although the pigeon is their God (Holy Spirit). Hindus are better as they do not eat their God, the bull.
    4. Offers to gather in a field (Mubahila) and let the wrath of God descend on the person opposite. Offers 10,000 rupees (3,000 advance) in case nothing happens to the opposite person within one year.
  1. Challenge of Mubahila to Muslim scholars
    1. Declares Nazir Hussain of Delhi to be the originator of the declaration of ‘kufr’ against MGA

___________________________________________________________________________Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 38-41, (Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3). 

Proposal to Seek Divine Settlement

“””We have learnt from long experience that, despite failing repeatedly, our opponents have not abandoned their campaign of vilification….They stage foul and painful plays which are derogatory of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and represent him as a person of evil character.

How, then, should this matter be settled? We can of course issue effective refutation, but how can we stop them from offending again? How can we tie up their foul tongues and how can we put a lock upon their reviling mouths?…These heartless Christian ministers have wounded our hearts by hurling millions of vile abuses on our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon

How then can these contentions, which increase daily, be settled? We have despaired of anything good coming out of debates and discussions. These have only led to an increase in rancour and hatred. In this state of affairs, there is, in my estimation, only one easy way to reach a settlement,
if the Christian ministers were to agree to it: It is to seek a decision of these disputes from God Almighty.

I wish to state that I am most eager to seek a Divine settlement of this affair, and I wish most sincerely that these daily contentions may be set at rest in this manner. If God does not render a decision in my favour, I will hand over all my property, moveable and immovable, the value of which is not less than ten thousand rupees, to the Christians. I am prepared to deposit up to three thousand rupees in advance for this purpose. This would be a sufficient penalty for me. I also promise that I shall, in such case, make an announcement bearing my signature that the Christians have been victorious and I have been defeated. This announcement will not be subject to any explicit or implicit condition.

The method of settlement will be as follows: One of the respected Christian ministers, whose names are mentioned below, should declare his willingness to come forward against me at a place to be agreed between us. Both of us should present ourselves on the appointed day at the appointed place along with a number of our followers. We should seek a decision from God Almighty through the prayer that God Almighty may, within one year, afflict one of us, who is a liar and deserving of His wrath, with such torment as, out of His sense of Honour, He has always imposed upon false and disbelieving people, including Pharaoh, Nimrod, the people of Noah and the Jews. The Christian ministers should note that this supplication does not call down a curse upon anyone. Its only purpose is the chastisement of a false person who is not willing to abandon his falsehood. The death of one man is a small price to pay for the revival of the whole world.
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 41-42](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 3). 

“”””We have repeatedly admonished you O’ Christians that worship of Jesus is no less than idol worship or the worship of Rama, and that the son of Mary has no superiority over the son of Kaushallia; but have you ever paid attention to our admonitions? You attack all other religions but have you ever reflected over your triune God? Have you ever considered how one who possessed all greatness was afflicted like an ordinary human being, and how the creator was beaten and maltreated by his own creatures?  Can it be contemplated that humble creatures should flog their creator, should spit in his face, should seize him and nail him to the cross and he should be helpless in their hands; and that, being God, he should be subject to death? Can it be imagined that there should be three physical gods, one whose physical image was Adam, another Jesus, and the third a pigeon, and that of the three one should have a son and two should be without issue? Can it be contemplated that God should walk behind Satan who should require him to prostrate himself before him and tempt him by offering to bestow the world upon him? Can it be understood that a person with God dwelling in his bones, supplicated throughout the night and yet his supplication was rejected? Is it not surprising that the Jewish scriptures are cited in support of the godhead of Jesus while such a doctrine is an anathema to the Jews, which they repudiate emphatically, and none of their sects subscribes to the doctrine of Trinity?  Had the Jews been taught this doctrine by Moses as and all the Prophets after him, how was it possible that all of them, divided into so many sects, should have forgotten this teaching?

Is it not worth considering that from the earliest times there existed a Christian Unitarian sect, which was in existence at the time of the Holy Prophet sa. It testifies that the unholy doctrine of Trinity emerged only in the third century? Even today there are hundreds of thousands of
Unitarians in Europe and America who continue to publish books in support of their doctrine. In view of all this, and as the Christian missionaries still persist in their vile affirmation, is there not the need for Divine Judgement so that those who base themselves on falsehood may be ruined? Those who adhere to falsehood will now take to their heels and will seek refuge in false pretences.

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