On September 29th, 1891, MGA arrived in Delhi and stayed at Kothi Nawab Loharu, Ballimara. Just a few months before this, MGA was in Ludhiana and had a debate with Batalvi, this was in late July and early August 1891, the British police intervened and helped MGA (however, MGA seems to have been forced to pray behind a Sunni imam. A year later in 1892, MGA prayed with Khwaja Kamaluddin in the Chaniyan mosque in Lahore behind Maulvi Rahim Bakhsh who had declared him a kafir, see Khawaja Kamaluddin, “Causes of Internal Dissensions in Ahmadiyya, Dec-1914), Batalvi and his friends were ordered to leave Ludhiana immediately. MGA must have went to Qadian right after and thus returned to this general area, remember, Qadian is 85 miles west of Ludhiana, and Delhi is 274 miles east of Qadian. Remember, MGA only did written debates. Therefore, he issued a leaflet on October 2nd, 1891, by which he declared, to hold a discussion with Maulawi Muhammad Nadhir Husain or Maulawi Abu Muhammad Abdul Haq, who were both looked upon as the highest authorities on orthodoxy. The discussion, he suggested, should be in writing and on the subject as to whether Jesus was alive or dead according to Muslim Scriptures (See Dard). The debate never happened, the British intervened on MGA’s behalf and saved his life.

MGA and his team publish a leaflet inviting Maulawi Muhammad Nadhir Husain or Maulawi Abu Muhammad Abdul Haq to a written debate. Maulawi Muhammad Nadhir Husain was roughly 88 years old. Maulawi Abu Muhammad Abdul Haq refused to have a written debate per Ahmadi sources (See Dard).

On this day, MGA published his famous announcement wherein he lied about disbelieving in miracles, the end of prophethood, and the claim of being Esa (as) the son of Mary.

On 5th October, Molvi Nazir Hussain wrote to Mirza to come to his house and talk to him directly to remove his apprehensions, still Mirza sb refused and said there should be a European officer in the debate. After that 14 letters were sent to Mirza sb for debate from Ulema of Dehli inviting Mirza sb but he refused to all (See Ishaat us Sunnah of 1891). What happened was that Molvi Abdul Haq accepted the challenge and Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi (ever chasing MGQ), also reached Dehli. Before the arrival of Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi, Mirza Qadiani had negotiated the debate on the following un-reasonable terms and conditions:-

a.)Special permission of Deputy Commissioner should be issued in his name.
b.)A European officer should be ever present in the gathering.
c.) Debators should write with their hands and read over to public no munshi or Scribe is permitted.

One of them was Molvi Abdul Majeed who invited Mirza sb and offered a reward money of Rs 1000/-in case Mirza prove his claims.Molvi Rahim Bakhsh invited Mirza, Molvi Mujaddid Ali Khan too invited Mirza sb for debate on 10th Oct at Masjid Fatehpuri , Molvi Abdul Hamid invited Mirza sb to come to the roof top of his house and he would be at his roof top, there would be Bazar between two and no risk of life would be there, but Mirza sb did not agree and dared not to come out of his heavily guarded house.

On October 6th, 1891, repeating his invitation to a debate as he published another announcement the Akhbar Khair Khah Hind Press, Delhi (see Dard). Maulawi Muhammad Nadhir Husain announced that a debate would be held with MGA on a certain date. MGA was invited to the place at the time of the meeting when his house was surrounded by hundreds of angry people who were hurling abuse upon MGA from the street. Thus, MGA didn’t show up to the debate (dard). However, Muhammad Hussain Batalvi in his newspaper tells us how MGA issued an Ishtihar on 6th of October saying that he do not want to debate with Molvi Abdul haq because he had met him and found him a monk like person. He do not like to interact with govt officials hence he would debate only with Nazir Hussain who may keep Muhammad Hussain Batalvi with him for assistance during debate. But when Muhammad Hussain Batalvi reached Dehli, Mirza Qadiani went to Molana Abdul Haq and said your name was mentioned in the debate erroneously . He said I do not want to debate with you. Molvi Abdul Haq said he is ready to withdraw if you publish an ishtihar to this effect This trick, however failed when Molvi Abdul Haq replied in a published Ishtihar that he can arrange anything and invited Mirza sb to come to the Town Hall on 11th October for this debate otherwise he would be termed as liar. Mean time Muhammad Hussain Batalvi published Ishtihar inviting Mirza sb to have debate with him if he loses than Mirza sb may debate with Molvi Nazir Hussain. He requested him to come to the Chandni Mahal on 11th Oct, 1891 at 9.AM. The ishtihar further states that all terms and conditions laid by you are acceptable and we do not lay any terms and condition from our side. All arrangements have been finalized with the expenditures of hand sum amount.

Maulawi Muhammad Nadhir Husain seems to have published an announcement which said that his pupils, Abdul Majid and Muhammad Husain, would reply on his behalf and that MGA should address his pupils in the future (see Dard).

Simulataneously, MGA agrees to debate Maulvi Muhammad Bashir Bhopali (a disciple of Nadhir Husain). The debate is scheduled to be held at MGA’s house in Delhi on 10-23-1891.

MGA challenged Nadhir Husain to a decisive debate. MGA suggested October 18th, 19th or 20th for the debate and offered a reward of Rs. 25 for each Quranic verse or authentic tradition quoted by his opponents which showed that Jesus (as) was still alive in the flesh in the heavens (see Dard). MGA said that at the end of this debate, he (MGA) would pray for a decisive judgment, and he believed that the wrath of God would overtake Nadhir Husain within one year on account of his transgression in misleading the people (see Tadhkirah, and The Announcement of October 17, 1891, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 249). Per Ahmadiyya sources, Nadhir Husain agreed to the debate to be held on October 20th in the Juma‘ Masjid, Delhi (See Dard). Mirza Ghulam Qadiani,s escape from debate of Chandni Mahal brought great humiliations to him. So he thought of washing of this defamation. He brought another Ishtihar dated 17 Oct 1891 wherein he used abusive language against Molvi Nazir Hussain and challenged to declare him liar in his claims and in his arguments under oath in open before general public. Molvi Nazir Hussain went to Jamia Masjid Dehli with general public and sent message to Mirza sb that he is ready to give such statement under oath now come to us in Jamia Masjid and state your claims and arguments before us.

This message was given to Mirza sb through Nawab Saeeduddin Khan of Loharo, Molvi Abdul Majid and Mir Basharat Hussain Kotwal City. Mirza sb refused to this.

Per Ahmadiyya sources, more than 5,000 people gathered on that day in the Mosque. The
European Superintendent of the city police was himself present there with an Inspector and a police force adequate for the occasion. There was great agitation in the city. Feelings ran high and there was great tension. The 12 disciples of MGA gathered round him. Ch. Sher Muhammad, uncle to Maulawi Sher Ali, was left at the house with another friend. The 12 disciples of MGA accompanied him to the cathedral Mosque in horsedriven carriages, and there the party walked through the angry crowd straight to the mihrab and took their
seats. A little later Nadhir Husain also arrived with Muhammad Husain Batalvi and Abdul Majid.
They were seated in the adjoining veranda. It was the time of ‘Asr, all Muslims in the mosque prayed together. MGA and his disciples had did not join the prayers. Nadhir Husain declared that MGA was a Kafir, thus, a debate with him was invalid, MGA was a Kafir since he claimed prophethood and denied miracles. MGA and his team immediately denied their claim to prophethood and claimed that they believed in miracles (both lies). MGA even claimed that he believed in the Miraaj, however, he had just recently denied it in Izala Auham. MGA even had a British official make the announcement a second time. There was an uproar. The British official ordered all Muslims to leave the mosque. MGA and his group of 12 Ahmadi’s were the only ones allowed to stay. MGA and his disciples exited the mosque via the north gate, however, the carriage and driver that they had rented was gone. The superintendant of the local police also showed up. A mob scene erupted. MGA’s disciples found another carriage for hire, they escaped via British escort, Maulvi Abdul Karim traveled with MGA in the carriage and a few others, all the others walked, they were Sayyid Amir Ali Shah, Ghulam Qadir Fasih,
Muhammad Khan of Kapurthala, Hakim Fadl Din of Bhera, Pir Sirajul Haq, and six others (see Dard).

10-21-1891 and 10-22-1891
MGA wrote three letters to Maulawi Muhammad Bashir on October 21st, 22nd and 23rd
and the following points were further laid down: The debate should begin after the Friday prayers in MGA’s house. (2) Maulawi Muhammad Bashir would write the first paper. (3) Maulawi Muhammad Bashir would bring only 10 men with him. (4) Maulawi Muhammad Husain Batalvi and Maulawi Abdul Majid would not be allowed to take part. (5) Not more than five papers would be exchanged. It should be noted that it was not agreed that the papers would be
written in the meeting (See Dard).

On October 23rd, 1891, MGA had another announcement published wherein he desperately tried to explain himself foe what happened at the Jama Masjid, Delhi and the lack of a proper debate, which was printed at the Iftikhar Press, Delhi. A detailed report of everything that happened was published in a supplement to the Punjab Gazette, dated November 14th (see Dard). On the same day, MGA had another debate with Maulvi Muhammad Bashir Bhopali, who was another disciple of Nadhir Husain on a Friday (see Dard).

MGA abruptly leaves the debate. MGA breaks his own contract, which is a serious crime per the Quran. Only 3 arguments had been put forward by Maulvi Muhammad Bashir Bhopali and no response had been given by MGA and his team. MGA flees to Patiala wherein his father-in-law was ill, however, Mir Nasir Nawab hadn’t accepted Ahmadiyya yet. Patiala was 157 miles to the west, about halfway home towards Qadian (see Dard).

On roughly this day, MGA arrives with his team in Patiala at the house of Sh. Fadl Karim (see Dard). Per Ahmadiyya sources, a local imam, Muhammad Ishaq, came to see MGA and had a talk with him on the subject of the death of Jesus.The imam destroyed MGA and spread the news in the town with the comment that MGA had been defeated. In defense, MGA issue a leaflet on October 31st in which he asked the imam to have a debate with him. He waited there till November 2nd, but the mullah did not come forward. Then MGA returned to Qadian.

MGA returns to Qadian safe and sound.

The first annual Jalsa in Ahmadiyya history is held at Qadian, MGA and his team had already pre-written out “Nishan Asmani” which is read out to the less than 100 Ahmadi’s who are present. In this book, MGA talks about Batalvi and Nazeer Hussain. MGA calls him Miyan Nadhir Husain (See Asmani Faisalah, page-1, online english edition). MGA mentions Miyan Nadhir Husain 22 times, he mentions, and Muhammad Husain Batalawi 29 times. Per Ahmadiyya sources, the book itself was published in the early part of 1892, by May at the latest (see Hidden Treasures).

MGA and his team publish “Nishan Asmani”, Mian Nadhir Hussain is mentioned 9 times.

MGA mentions Nadhir Hussain in his book “The Truth Revealed”, “Sachai Ka Izhar”.

MGA claims that he has Nadhir Hussain sign a edict of Kufr vs. his own disciple, Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi.

MGA publishes “”Dafi‘ul-Bala’ Wa Mi‘yaro Ahlil-Istifa”””,  English Version “””Defence Against the Plague and a Criterion for the Elect of God”””, wherein he mentions his debate with Nadhir in 1891 as well as the fact that Nadhir was the first cleric to sign his stamp of approval of MGA’s apostacy.

1902–Sep 1st
‘Tofha Golarviyyah is published. MGA mentions Nadhir Hussain.

Syed Nazeer Husain died on 13 October 1902 in Delhi. MGA is happy about this and in classic fashion backdates a fake revelation. As can be seen, this wasn’t published uyntil 2 weeks after Nadhir Hussain died, however, 20 years later Mufti Muhammad Sadiq claims that MGA got the revelation on August 15th, 1902 (See Zikr-e-Habib), Mirza Bashir Ahmad also commented that the words of this ilham also point to the year* of his death (See Tadhkirah). The reference is to the al-Hakam, vol. 6, no. 39, October 31, 1902, p. 7–10:

[Arabic] The leading ones will be driven to their graves.

[Arabic] One who was in error has died a rebel.

In Haqiqatul Wahy, Nadhir Hussain is mentioned 11 times. MGA claims that he published a sign in the early versions of the Braheen e Ahmadiyya wherein Maulawi Nadhir Husain of Delhi would issue a verdict proclaiming me (MGA) a disbeliever, however, on closer research, the sign doesn’t seem to exist. In fact, the word Nadhir doesn’t exist in the first 4 volumes of the Braheen.

Braheen e Ahmadiyya volume 5 is published, Nadhir Hussain is mentioned once.

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