I recently had an Ahmadi brag to me on social media in terms of his commitment to Ahmadiyya.  He also mentioned that his Khalifas only ask him to do peaceful things.  I asked him if he knew about how in 1947-48, Mahmud Ahmad, the Ahmadi-Khalifa at that time, he seems to have disregarded the writings of his father (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad), and thus authorized violent Jihad.

The reference work

My commentary
Dr. Khan tells us in his academic work on Ahmadiyya (see From Sufiism to Ahmadiyya) that in 1947-48, Mahmud Ahmad changed his views on Jihad and totally contradicted Ahmadiyya dogma on the topic. 

Dr. Khan quoted Tarikh-i-Ahmadiyya
He quotes the famous “History of Ahmadiyya” by Dost Muhammad Shahid, vol. 5, page 699

Another quote, from Bashir Ahmad Rafiq, “The Afghan Martyrs”
“Just as offering Namaz is compulsory similarly in this faith when the need arises it is equally compulsory to fight…. It should be clearly remembered that ‘Jehad’ is included in those matters which Islam declares to be an essential part of the faith. It has even been said that at the time of ‘Jehad’ whoever turns his back IS condemned to Hell. II (Report Majilis Mushawarat 1950).

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