I recently had the Ahmadi-trolls attack me on social media and accuse me of supporting the Khatme-Nubuwwat-Organization.  This is totally false.  I am an American.  I live in California.  I served in the US Air Force from 99-2004.  I don’t associate with any out-of-the-country organizations, whether global or otherwise.  I am a Sunni-Muslim, however, I don’t join sects per the Quran, the Quran is enough.  I attend a local Islamic center and am very peaceful.

What really happened at Chakwal?
Ahmadiyya leadership knew that there was tension in terms of this mosque, there have been many court cases as a result of the dispute.  Nonetheless, Ahmadiyya leadership failed to evacuate the mosque and continued to hold prayers, per the order of their Khalifa.  However, as we all know, these are silent order, a sort of black ops.  The Ahmadi Khalifa would never publically make such a statement.

Ahmadis lost court cases and were playing the lawyer-game
In 1997, Ahmadis were told to abandon this mosque and they seem to have lost a court case to that effect, however, some time passed, and Ahmadiyya seems to have been able to re-acquire the mosque, however, the details are sketchy.  As we know…under capitalism, if you are in court, the person with the most money normally wins.

Ahmadiyya reports are all lies
In a recent essay by Ayesha Noor, she makes false parallels in typical Ahmadi-argumentative -style and gives no references at all in her essay.    Ahmadis failed to report that the Ahmadi security guard shot at the crowd first, most likely because he was scared and had orders to shoot as needed.  Ahmadis then purposely set fire to furniture in an attempt to cause a mob scene.

The Sunni Muslims were overly aggressive
They should have waited for due process.  They should not have taken their procession near the Ahmadi mosque.  However, they were provoked.  Ahmadis always call their bluff.

One Ahmadi died of a heart attack and a Sunni-man was also killed
“””An Ahmadi man, recognized as Malik Khalid Javed, 65, who was present at the worship place, died on the spot subsequent to having endured heart failure, while a man — identified as Naeem Shafique, 27, and not having a place with the minority group — was hit by a bullet. Another non-Ahmadi man, who got injured due to gun fire, is said to be in a stable condition at the District Headquarters Hospital, Chakwal.”””(

Ahmadiyya leadership needs to be held responsible, the problem is, they are vicious mullahs and have purposely been radicalizing Ahmadis as needed.  They wont listen, and they love to provoke Muslims in Pakistan. 

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