#Ahmadis have been ordered to attack Yasir Qadhi by their Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, its all over twitter. Nevertheless, the Ahmadi mullah working out of Detroit, Murabbi Faran Rabbani made a video vs. Yasir Qadhi and told many lies. Check out my 4-page review in the below and my 1-hour video explanation. All of this beef was recently re-started with the Notorious Ahmadi mullah Razi (aka ahmadi answers) called the Epic Masjid and tried to embarrass a teacher.


1. Mullah Faran Rabbani said that Ahmadi’s believe in Khataman Nabiyeen, however, he didn’t explain how #Ahmadis believe the exact opposite as 1.5 billion Muslims on Khataman Nabiyeen, #Ahmadis believe 33:40 says that Muhammad (saw) can make prophets (astagfarullah) and that even a bad person can become a prophet if they pray enough, whereas Muslims believe that no new prophet could be born in the ummah and that Eisa (as) will physically return.

2. Mullah Faran Rabbani said that Ahmadi’s are up front about being Qadiani, however, this isn’t true, on tik tok, the famous Shazzybepreachin didn’t mention that he was a Qadiani for many months and deceived Muslims as such. Qasim Rashid pretends all the time and says things in a way to hide that he is a Qadiani. Not to mention that in Africa, Qadiani’s rarely told the African’s that MGA claimed to be a prophet and most thought of MGA as a Mahdi. There is also a Qadiani-Ahmadi website that pops up if anyone in the USA searched for, “how do I become a Muslim”, and this is another case of deception.

3. Mullah Faran Rabbani says that only the wahy of Sharia prophets has ended, however, Ahmadi’s don’t believe in any prophets after MGA, they allege that their khilafat will last forever. He didn’t address the quotes wherein MGA said that the words of his mouth are from Allah like the Quran. Rabbani refuses to acknowledge how Muslims believe that no new prophet will be born, instead, Eisa (as) will physically return.

4. Mullah Faran Rabbani said that Muslims believe that Eisa (As) was a messenger to the Israelites, however, this isn’t exactly true, he is a Muslim, and he is a Nabi who was sent as a messenger to the Israelites (the 12 tribes), this doesn’t recluse him to teaching non-Israelites. Thus, when Eisa (as) returns, he is a prophet, who is sent as a messenger to the Jews and Christians, and they will all accept him as a Muslim before his (eisa’s) death (see 4:159 of the Quran).

5. Mullah Faran Rabbani alleges that there are 30 verses of the Quran which assert the death of Eisa (As), this is a lie, there isn’t a single verse of the Quran that supports this, read our evaluation of the 30 verses as presented by MGA in 1891.

6. Mullah Faran Rabbani quotes a hadith from Bukhari (see the photo) wherein he alleges that Muhammad (Saw) used the same word about his death that will be used by Eisa (as) on the Day of Judgement. This hadith is narrated by Ibn Abbas. However, this hadith only means that messengers are only suppose to deliver the message, if some of their companions leave Islam afterwards, than Allah knows best.

7. Mullah Faran Rabbani says that Muslims believe that a prophet will come and get wahi (Eisa), however, this is about Eisa (As) and we aren’t exactly sure what this means. It doesn’t mean that MGA will get Wahi, and remember, MGA went a step further and claimed that his words are in fact, the words of his God.

8. Mullah Faran Rabbani then brings a famously misquoted hadith by Aisha (ra), even though it has been refuted over 10 times and famously by Farhan Khan in 2010 —With Love to the Ahmadi’s of the World by Farhan Khan (2010).

9. Mullah Faran Rabbani then brings a quote by Ibn Qutaybah and accuses him of saying that non-law-bearing prophets can come, however, this is academic dishonesty, non-law-bearing prophets are NOT PROPHETS at all in islamic theory (see the quran), there is no such term, its not in hadith either. He also mentions Qadi Iyad and has a similar quote, however, these two many others made comments like this as they argued that Eisa (As) would physically return and his prophethood wouldn’t change Islam. Qadi Iyad was specifically writing vs. the Mutazilites and other deviant groups. Mullah Faran Rabbani also quotes the well known deviant Ibn Arabi (we have refuted these quotes many times). He mis-quotes Ibn Taymiyyah and Jalal ud Din Suyuti also (these 2 people are well known for believing in the physical second coming of Eisa (as).

10. Mullah Faran Rabbani claimed that the Ahmadiyya Movement is expanding with exponential numbers (a total lie). He accuses Yasir Qadhi of being jealous. He lied and claimed that in 1983 at the Jalsa in Rabwah had 300k people in attendance (a lie), that many people wouldn’t fit in Rabwah standing on every single street. He then claims that 176k people converted to Ahmadiyya in 2022 (another lie). He then lies and alleges that the Ahmadiyya Movement built 147 new mosques (a total lie), in the USA, there are barely 20, old and new. He also alleges that 62 mosques were acquired. He then quotes Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around The World – A Pictorical Presentation. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; Khilafat Centenary Edition. 2008. ISBN 978-1882494514, and claims that on page 33, as of 2007, there were 15,000 mosques in the possession of the Ahmadiyya Movement, however, in that same book, barely 200 photo’s of Ahmadiyya mosques were given. He claims that there are 2796 (4 million muslim’s) Muslim mosques in the USA, he then does some weird type of parallel approach and claims that 2796/4,000,000=1430, and thus, he alleges that there are about 1430 Muslims per mosque and on average, he then uses that with the Ahmadiyya figure of 15,000 global mosques and multiplies it with 1430 and gets 26 million and thus claims that in 2007, there were roughly 20 million Ahmadi’s in the world (a lie). This calculation would never work since most Ahmadi temples are empty and have barely 100 members on average in the whole world. And, there aren’t 15,000 Ahmadiyya temples in the world. He then claims that by 2023, the Ahmadiyya Movement is easily about 30 million members world wide. He didn’t even touch the lies told by Mirza Tahir Ahmad in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

11. Mullah Faran Rabbani then accuses Muhammad (Saw) of upgrading his claims gradually, since MGA did it. He alleges that Muhammad (Saw) being “Khatamun Nabiyeen” was an upgrade, however, this is a lie! He then says, whatever you accuse MGA of, Ahmadi’s will blame Muhammad (Saw) for. He totally avoided the fact that MGA lied about his prophethood for 20 years.

12. Mullah Faran Rabbani claims that MGA never wanted fame, this is a lie, MGA always boasted that he was unknown and now the whole world knows him.

13. Mullah Faran Rabbani alleges that MGA wrote 20+ books in arabic, however, this is a lie, these were written by Noorudin and Maulvi Ahsan Amrohi since they all lived together. He then alleges that NO Muslim has ever written a book since 1893 in Arabic that could be as good as MGA’s work (a total lie). He also lied and claimed that Yasir Qadhi didn’t give any examples of MGA’s arabic.

14. Mullah Faran Rabbani then begins to talk about “Jihad and the British Government”. Rabbani reads out page-10 of the online english edition, Yasir Qadhi had pointed out that it seems like MGA called himself “The Holy Prophet” in this reference. We checked the Urdu and it reads as “Paak Nabi” and it doesn’t have the appellation (saw)(which is unique to Muhammad [saw]). There are about 4-5 instances of MGA saying “Humaray Nabi SAW” and he writes SAW every single time. Thus, this seems like a mis-translation which confuses the reader. We have posted the original urdu in the below. Ahmadiyya mullahs added the “SA” in small print and didn’t mention how MGA didn’t write it. MGA also referred to prophets of Allah in this same book and didn’t use (as). Furthermore, MGA was calling himself a prophet in this case, this is attested by his son, the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud in 1915 in his book “Haqiqatun Nubuwwat”, he called 1900 a transition year in MGA’s prophethood, MGA had learned a new definition of prophethood and in 1901, actually claimed prophethood. In 1900, right after “Jihad and the British Government”, MGA and his team wrote Arb’ain and in it, MGA was calling himself a law-bearing prophet (see the quote in the below). Rabbani then alleges that Muslims like Yasir Qadhi are proponents of violent Jihad (a lie), further, the 2nd Khalifa authorized offensive and violent Jihad in 1948. Maybe Rabbani doesn’t know?

15. Mullah Faran Rabbani alleges that Yasir Qadhi claimed that Tadhkirah had surah’s and verses, this is not true, Yasir Qadhi pointed to a specific 6 verse Surah that was published. Yasir Qadhi quoted the 2018-2019 online english edition of Tadhkirah (see page 781), which has the 6 verses and no explanation or translation. Mullah Faran Rabbani also avoids the fact that MGA said that all of his arabic writings are from Allah, like the words of his mouth and he also called Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya as the book of Allah.

16. Mullah Faran Rabbani then quotes the book, “Tohfa tun Nadwah”(1902). Yasir Qadhi pointed out how MGA called his deniers as Kafirs (1906 quote), when Yasir Qadhi referred to “Tohfa tun Nadwah”, he only did so because MGA said his words are like the quran and torah and his denial will make Muslims accountable, MGA hadn’t done full out Takfir yet, that was done in 1906 and 1907. He then assumes that MGA did Takfir and never comments on the references after 1902. He then asks Muslims what will you call the deniers of Eisa (As) upon his second return? He then says, whatever Fatwa would be given, you can consider it the Qadiani-Ahmadi position. He totally avoids how the Lahori-Ahmadi’s denied to call people Kafir and the Qadiani’s aggressively did so from 1911 to 1921.

17. Mullah Faran Rabbani then mentions the entry of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq into America. He presents a manifest of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq landing in Liverpool, not in the USA. Thus, this is entirely fabricated. Nevertheless, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq showed up to the USA without a visa and was detained. He left abruptly in 1923 and never returned. Maulvi Muhammad Din – who reached Chicago on 29 March 1923 – was to replace him in America (Al Fazl, 14 May 1923). He spent nearly three months with the new missionary and handed him charge of the mission. While awaiting the travel expenses from Qadian, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq visited yet more cities. As he had not yet visited the western part of America, he intended to depart from the west coast for India via Japan. That would also enable him to convey the message of Islam in western America, but the delay of travel expenses from Qadian made him give up this idea and he ended up visiting neighboring areas instead.

18. Mullah Faran Rabbani then mentions Fard Muhammad and his connection with Ahmadiyya. He improperly says that Yasir Qadhi alleged that Fard Muhammad was a missionary of the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s, this is not true, Fatima Fanusie alleged that Fard Muhammad was a Lahori-Ahmadi missionary and working an undercover operation in the USA in the early 1930’s, not 1923 like Rabbani alleges. Furthermore, there are FBI reports that connect Sufi Muti-ur-Rahman Bengali with both Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad, the same reports confirm that both of these guys were ex-Ahmadi’s and went rogue. Zafrullah Khan was also there and alleged to have taught Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad. Rabbani alleges that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq converted 700 people to Ahmadiyya (a lie). Rabbani admits that the Nation of Islam used the english translation of the Quran by the Lahori-Ahmadi Maulvi Muhammad Ali, at this point, Rabbani says that this translation was published in 1915, that’s an error on his part, it was published in 1917. Rabbani doesn’t know that even the Qadian-Ahmadi’s in America were using the same quranic translation and commentary by Muhammad Ali. Rabbani doesn’t confess that his Ahmadi’s, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s tried to create their own english translation and failed miserably, only 2 chapters were even published.

19. Mullah Faran Rabbani then mentions Maulvi Sanauallah. He accuses Maulvi Sanauallah of running away from MGA. However, this is a lie! This Mubahila would have been against he law, since the British Government had ordered MGA to never do Mubahila. Nevertheless, Mullah Faran Rabbani calls Maulvi Sanauallah a coward and now we know why Ahmadi’s get beat up in Pakistan, since they insult Muslims as such. Mullah Faran Rabbani tells many lies about Sanaullah and claims that he wouldn’t get into a Mubahila, however, he forgets, Muslims haven’t historically did Mubahila’s as such, and this is what Maulvi Sanauallah was alluding to. Nevertheless, MGA and Maulvi Sanauallah exchanged predictions and MGA died as a result of that. Maulvi Sanauallah also pointed out the flaw in MGA’s idea that a liar will die in the lifetime of their opponent, since Musaiylma Kazzab outlived Muhammad (Saw).

20. Mullah Faran Rabbani then mentions Allama Iqbal and his Takfeer on the Qadiani-Ahmadi‘s in 1934. Mullah Faran Rabbani alleges that Allama Iqbal got jealous of Qadiani-Ahmadi’s (a lie).

21. Mullah Faran Rabbani then talks about Takfeer, and how MGA did Takfeer on 99% of the Ummah. He argues that MGA never led the way in Takfeer, MGA was takfeered first. Mullah Faran Rabbani then admits that MGA did in fact do Takfeer, since he pointed out that anyone who calls him a Kafir, is himself a Kafir.

22. Mullah Faran Rabbani then discusses how 99% of Muslim scholars have done Takfeer on Ahmadi’s. He then accuses Muslims of terrorism and says that Ahmadi’s would never want to be apart of Muslims as such. However, in Pakistan, and other Muslim countries, Ahmadi’s cry persecution since they are declared as Non-Muslim. Mullah Faran Rabbani then says that the government of Pakistan’s opinion of Ahmadi’s means nothing, then why did Mirza Nasir Ahmad even show up to the NA hearings? Mullah Faran Rabbani then mentions the hadith about 73 sects, however, this only means that Muslims on the right path will only go to heaven. Mullah Faran Rabbani claims that only the Ahmadi’s have a Khalifa (leader), but this is a lie, in the country of Brunei, they have a leader, in Iran, in many Muslim countries, in fact, even in Russia.

23. Mullah Faran Rabbani then alleges that the Mahdi would be rejected and etc, these are all lies and not from the Quran or hadith. He then quotes the deviant Ibn Arabi and again, these aren’t solid references.

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