Dr. Abdul Hakim Khan of Patiala was kicked out of Ahmadiyya in 1906 by MGA, however, he was able to get MGA to claim that any Muslim who rejected MGA was a Kafir, indefinitely. Nonetheless, some of the local newspapers that were hostile to Ahmadis wrote about the death of MGA and some of the counter prophecies which led up to MGA’s death in Lahore.

An important quote

“But, we expected this to happen soon, as had been announced by Dr. Abdul Hakim of Patiala. The doctor had stated, ‘My revelation concerning Mirza of Qadian, which may kindly be published, is that: (1) The Mirza will die on the 21st day of Saavan, 1965 (4th August, 1908) of a fatal disease. (2) A distinguished woman of the family of Mirza shall also die.’ [Weekly Ahle Hadith: 15.5.1908]. However, we cannot refrain from saying what is true. Had the doctor stopped at what he had stated before, that is, his prediction of Mirza’s death within fourteen months and not fixed a specific date as he has done then those objections could have never been raised as are being raised today by the Paisa Akhbar of the 27th, wherein it is stated that had the prophecy been left as, ‘up to the 21st of Saavan’ and not altered to, ‘on the 21st of Saavan’ it would have, indeed, been wonderful. But alas, his revelation that Mirza will die on the 21st of Saavan, that is 4th of August, has been published in the Ahle Hadith issue of 15th May, 1908. We wish that he would have left his earlier revelations unaltered, without giving a specific date. Then there could have been no excuse.”

(Ahle Hadith, 12 June 1908)


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