Mirza Ghulam Ahmad obsessed over a certain girl, Muhammadi Begum…we have found a quote from Seeratul-Mahdi wherein it is stated that MGA was so desperate to get this girl that he was in talks with the uncle of Muhammadi Begum and offered to bribe him.  See the quote below….this is from the 1888-era….

The scan

English translation
“””Mian Abdullah Sahb sanwari stated to me that once Hazrat Sahab stayed in Jalandhar for a month. In these days a real uncle of Muhammadi Begum tried to fix the marriage of Muhammadi begum with Hazrat Sahab. But he could not succeed. Father of Muhammadi Begum Mirza Ahmad Baig Hushiyar Puri was yet alive in those days and marriage of Muhammadi begum was not fixed to Mirza Sultan Muhammad. This uncle of Muhammadi Begum use come and go in a Tonga and was desirous to get some prize from Hazrat Sahb. As knot of Nikkah of Muhammadi begum was in the hand of this person, therefore Hazrat Sahb has promised to give him some prize. This humble says this person had bad intentions since beginning and wants to have some money from Hazrat Sahb. Because afterwards same man and his few other companions became the reason of marriage of girl at another place. But mother told me that Hazrat sahb kept few concerns in front of him about giving money to them. Mother also told me that elder brother of Muhammadi Begum was also involved in this.”””

“”””Biyan kia muhj say Mian Abdullah Sahb Sanwari ny k aik dafa Hazrat shab Jalandhar ma ja ker aik mah tak thehry thy. In dinoun Muhammadi Begum k Haqeeqi Mamoun ny Muhammadi Begum ka Hazrat Sahb sy rishta kerwa dainy ki koshish ki the. Magar kamyab na hua. Yeh un dinoun ki bat hy jub Muhammadi begum ka walid Mirza Ahmad Baid Hoshiyar Puri zinda tha or Muhammadi Begum ka mirza Sutan Muhammad sy rishta nae hua tha. Muhammadi Begum ka yeh mamoun Jalandhar or Hushiyar pur ma Yakak ma aya jaya kerta tha or Hazrat Sahb sy kuch Inam ka b khawahan tha or choankay Muhammadi Begum k Nikah ka aqad zayada ter isi shakhs k hath ma tha is liya Hazrat Sahb ny is sy kuch Inam ka wada b ker lia tha. Khaksar araz kerta hy k yeh shakhs is muamlay ma bad niyat tha or Hazrat Sahb sy faqat kuch Rupiya urrana chahta tha. Kiun k bad ma yahi shakhs or us k kuch sathi larrki ko doosri jaga bihaya janay ka moojab huy. Magar mujhay walida sahib any batay k Hazrat Sahb ny is ko rypiya dainy k mutailaq ba’az hakeemana ehtiyatain malhooz rakhi huy thein. Walida Sahiba ny yeh b iyan kia k is k sath Muhammadi begum ka barra bhai b shareek tha”””

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