Tanzania was part of British-East-Africa uptil 1962. The Ahmadiyya movement got access to all of British-East-Africa since 1934. Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad was a pioneering missionary to East Africa, as well as South Africa. In 1934, he landed in Mombasa, Kenya (it was British-Kenya at the time)(See Fisher). He seems to have never even traveled to the West Coast of Africa. He served as the missionary in-charge until 1962, he was recalled to Rabwah, which was not Qadian. He picked Tabora, (modern day Tanzania) for his headquarters, he started a press and school, both seem to have shut down by the 1950’s. By 2020, there seem to be less than 10 Ahmadiyya mosques in Tanzania. The Amir/missionary in-charge in Tanzania has always been a Pakistiani-Ahmadi. Even in 2020, that tradition remains, the current Amir is Tahir Mahmood Chaudhary. By 2020, there seem to be less than 10 Ahmadi places of worship in Tanzania. The Khalifa announced 3000 converts to Ahmadiyya from Tanzania in 2019-2020, which seems to be a lie.
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Martin_Certain Aspects Of The Ahmadtyya Movement In East Africa With Particular Reference To Its Religious Practice And The Development Of Its History And Theology In The East African En

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