Gambian Supreme Islamic Council
declares Ahmadiyya/Qadianiyah Movement as out of the fold of Islam

For decades Jamaat Ahmadiyya has been very active in the African Countries, where they have made many converts by pretending to be Sunn Muslims, and at others times pretending to be belonging to the same Ahmadiyya Tariqa which is well-known in the North African countries. This well-known Ahmadiyya Tariqa is a sufi order of the sunni tariqa that goes back to several hundred years, founded by Syed Ahmed Badawi in Egypt. Shrine if Syed Ahmed Badawi is in Tanta in Egypt but his followers are all over Africa. Jamaat Ahmadiyya, taking advantage of the similarity in name and ignorance of Muslims about Mirza Qadiani and his Jamaat, managed to get many converts to their ranks. They have been following the style of Christian Missionaries and using their unlimited resources, they offer financial incentives, they open schools, clinics, community centers etc., and through these gain converts. As many parts of Africa had been under colonial rule of various European Imperialist powers, and Ahmadiyya being their henchmen, they had received a lot of support from the colonial masters, and after their departure, their loyalists who were handed over the charge of the government.

Gambia has been one such country. In 1965, the British Imperialists were forced to grant the country of Gambia its independence. They abdicated rule in favor of one of their faithful supporters, Mr. Farman Sangat, whom they appointed to the position of Governor of that nation. Mr. Sangat was a known Qadiani, who one year earlier had traveled to Rabwah, Pakistan, and given his oath of allegiance (bai’at) to Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood, the second head of the Qadiani Movement. During the British rule, the Qadiani headquarters in Gambia had continually preached that obedience to the British Empire was an article of faith for every Muslim!

AlHamdolilah by the Grace of Allah, reawakening of Islam is taking place all over and the fraud of Ahmadiyyat/Qadianiyat is being exposed for what it is. and The Gambia is not staying behind. The President of the nation of Gambia, Mr. Yahya AbuBakr, has officially declared the country’s Qadiani community a non-Muslim minority, after Qadiani scholars were outclassed by Muslim scholars in the Courts and other fora.

Following is the translation of statement of The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council.

Translated from the original in Arabic

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Wa’tasimu_ bi hablilla_hi jami’aw wa la_ tafarraqu (3.103)

The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council
Banjul, The Gambia
Date: 21/4/2001

Circular of The Supreme Council about the Islamic Stand
regarding Ahmadiyya/Qadianiyah Movement

Beware of the dangerous claims bragged openly by the Ahmadis Qadianis, which destroy the very foundation of Islamic Beliefs, with their superficial proofs spread through their publications and announcements through broadcasting and television. These Islamic beliefs are the corner stone of the belief of Muslims. For the sake of peaceful co-existence of all the people of The Gambia, for its security and stability, the Gambian Supreme Council has decide to caution the Muslims about the following:

      1. that among the basic beliefs of Muslims, is the belief that Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW is the Final Prophet and Messenger and that there is no prophet after Him, as per the testimony of the Word of Allah:

“Muhammad is not the father of any of your men but (he is) the Apostle of Allah
and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things.
(Surah Al Ahzab 33.40)

      1. that among the established facts in the Book of Allah (Quran) and Sunnah of Holy Prophet SAAW, is that Eisa alaihe assalam (Jesus) was neither murdered, nor put on the cross, nor died and that he will descend in the last days before the establishment of Qiyamah.

And all those who do not believe in these facts and testimonies, are not Muslims. Therefore The Supreme Islamic Council of The Gambia announce for all Muslims in Gambia that the Ahmadiyya Movement is not among the Muslims, because their beliefs are opposite to the above mentioned beliefs.
This fatwa is not some innovation from the Council, there are fatwas and edicts from different Islamic Countries. Among them are:

      1. Conference of Islamic Organisations which convened in Makkah Mukarramah in the onth of April 1974, which declared that Ahmadiyya Movement is a non-Muslim minority.
      2. Conference of Islamic Research at Al-Azher University, Arab Republic of Egypt in the year 1988, mentioned in its last ciscular that Ahmadiyya Movement is non-Islamic.
      3. In the Constitutional Amendment in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in the year 1974, it is stated that anyone who is not believing in the absolute finality of prophethood of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW or anyone who claim prophethood in any form or believe in the claims of prophethood of such a person, he is not a Muslim for the purpose of constitution and law.
      4. The Decision of the High Court of South Africa, which was published in the newspaper of the Islamic World on Monday 1st April 1996, the court has prohibited the Ahmadis/Qadianis from entering the mosques of Muslims, or to speak on behalf of Islam and to consider them as a false group.

Your brothers in Allah
General Council
The Gambian Supreme Islamic Council


Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

The Original Arabic Image of the Statement Issued by
The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council

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