In 1909, Maulvi Noorudin is quoted by Ahmadi sources wherein he calls MGA a Nabi-ullah. Watch my video about this famous phraseology here and read my essay here. In this quotation, Noorudin calls MGA a Nabi-Ullah in the context of the two famous hadith wherein Esa (As) is called as such. The marriage that Noorudin was referring to was the eldest daughter (Mubarika Begum) of MGA to Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The reference, 14 March 1909
Tareekh E Ahmadiyyat vol 1 page 586, 14 March 1909

“There was a time when, a king had given the hand of his daughter to an ancestor of Nawab sahib (muhammad ali Khan) named Sadar Jahan. And that wise man (the king) was a very lucky man (because the king had given his daughter in this family) but our friend, Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan is ever more fortunate that a “Nabi-Ullah”‘s daughter has come in his Nikah”
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