We have argued over and over again how humans were initially created in heaven, and were sent to Earth by Allah (only adam and eve). We have also proved that in islamic theory, it wasn’t only Adam (As) and Eve who traveled between Heaven and Earth, in fact, this was always possible, however, with the permission of Allah, in between heaven and Earth are the cosmos (samaa). In 55:33, Allah explains how he purposely trapped humans on Earth, since the escape velocity is 25,020 mph, and only possible with rocket technology, which Allah only allowed humans to discover roughly 70 years ago. In fact, Allah has purposely placed the cosmos (samaa) with 7 layers and thus so far away that humans will never develop the technology to reach heaven (since reaching heaven would only be possible after going through 7 parallel universes. This is exactly what Allah is explaining in 55:33. Allah emphatically says that without his permission, no human can travel from Earth to heaven. Moreover, he dares the Meccan’s to try in 55:33. Furthermore, MGA claimed that humans couldn’t reach space and the moon, which has been dis-proven now. Finally, 5:17 proves that Heaven is a parallel universe and there is in-between space between Heaven and Earth that humans will never be allowed to breach with any technology, only allah can allow it. One last thing, Allah’s powers are unlimited. This is a standard, which Ahmadi’s are violating (see the Quran, 65:12, and 35:1, and many others). Finally, Allah is “Lord of all the worlds”, “Rubbil alameen”, this phraseology appears in the quran 44 times, thus proving that our universe isn’t the only one in existence.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________55:33 per Suyuti
Chapter 55 was revealed at Mecca, and very early on, within the first 5 years.

“””O company of jinn and humans if you are able to pass through to exit from the confines the regions of the heavens and the earth then pass through! — a command meant to challenge them to what they are incapable of doing. You will not pass through except with a sanction except with some power and you have no power for such a thing.”””

5:17 per Suyuti
“””They indeed are disbelievers those who say ‘God is the Messiah son of Mary’ insofar as they make him Jesus a god and these were the Jacobites a Christian sect. Say ‘Who then can do anything who then can defend against the chastisement of God if He desires to destroy the Messiah son of Mary and his mother and all those who are on earth?’ that is to say none can do anything of the sort since if Jesus were a god he would be able to do so. And to God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He creates what He will. God has power over everything which He wills.”””

65:12 per Suyuti
“”””God it is Who created seven heavens and of earth the like thereof that is to say seven earths. The command the revelation descends between them between the heavens and the earth Gabriel descends with it from the seventh heaven to the seventh earth that you may know li-ta‘lamū is semantically connected to an omitted clause that is to say ‘He apprises you of this creation and this sending down that you may know’ that God has power over all things and that God encompasses all things in knowledge.”””
Allah as “Lord of ALL the worlds” in the Quran

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B.A. Rafiq, “Truth About Ahmadiyya, online version,, Retrieved on 6-7-19).

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