We continue to collect information on MGA and his team of writers, speakers, and salaat-leaders.  In this case, we have uncovered data on Hafiz Roshan Ali.

Summary of the scan
Hafiz Roshan Ali was also called the second Maulvi Abdul Karim.  Hafiz Roshan Ali was also a student of Noorudin.

Ahmadiyya sources on Hafiz Roshan Ali
They say that he was a Hafiz of the Quran very early on in his life and then moved to Qadian and did bait with MGA in the late 1890’sHe isn’t listed as amongst the first 313 companions of MGA.  He seems to have become a student of Noorudin after moving to Qadian.

Hafiz Raushan Ali is mentioned extensively in terms of the split, in 1924, Mirza Basheer-uddin mahmud had “Truth about the Split” written and his name is mentioned on page 174 and many others.

In Decemeber of 1918, the annual Qadiani-Jalsa was postponed, they list indifferent health of the 2nd Khalifa as the reason, nonetheless, the Jalsa was held in March of 1919, and many Lahori-Ahmadi’s were invited to Qadian.  Hafiz Raushan Ali also gave a speech on the prophethood of MGA.  See “Truth About the Split”, page 210.

His death
Hafiz Raushan Ali died in 1929, according to Paigham e sulah of 1929 it says he was just over 50 years old.

The scan on his death

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