We continue to collect information on MGA and his team of writers, speakers, and salaat-leaders. Hafiz Raushan Ali was a blind man, he moved in at Qadian in 1900. Its unclear who certified that he was a Hafiz. Hafiz Raushan Ali seems to have been yet another student of Maulvi Noorudin. His maternal uncle was Hafiz Ghulam Rasul. He seems to have been from Wazirabad. Other top students were Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Maulvi Abdul Karim, Maulvi Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Maulvi Sher Ali and Hakim Fazl Din of Bhera. He was heavily involved in the split and is mentioned 5+ times in the Khalifa’s book, “Aenas Sadaqat” (1921), he even delivered a speech about the prophethood of MGA at the 1919 Jalsa. Two of his famous students were Maulana J.D. Shams and Maulana Abul Atta. He travelled with the Khalifa to London and back in 1924. He died in 1929 (see english ror of August-1929), he seems to have been born 1879, since the Lahori-Ahmadi’s claim he was just over 50 when he died.
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Hafiz Roshan Ali was also called the second Maulvi Abdul Karim. Hafiz Roshan Ali was also a student of Noorudin.

This photo is from the September edition of the english ror

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They say that he was a Hafiz of the Quran very early on in his life and then moved to Qadian and did bait with MGA in the late 1890’s. He isn’t listed as amongst the first 313 companions of MGA. He seems to have been a student of Noorudin.

He moves in at Qadian (see english ROR of August-1929).


He is part of the Ahmadiyya delegation to the famous debate in Rampur wherein they debated Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsari (see Hakeem Nur ud Din).

He participated in another debate in Meerut (see Hakeem Nur ud Din).

Hafiz Raushan Ali is mentioned extensively in terms of the split, in 1924, Mirza Basheer-uddin mahmud had “Truth about the Split” written and his name is mentioned on page 174 and many others.

He was at the 1914 Jalsa at Qadian and even gave a speech.

The ROR of June-1915 alleges that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Hafiz Roshan Ali and a local Ahmadi named Basharat Ahmad spent 6 weeks at Alladin Buildings, Oxford Street, Secunderabad, and finally convinced Seth Abdullah Allahdin to join the Qadian branch of Ahmadi’s, he was formely an Aga Khan shia. 

The ROR of February-1916 reports that he was at the 1915-Jalsa at Qadian and even gave some speeches.

The Jan-1918 edition of the ROR reports that he gave speeches at the 1917 Jalsa at Qadian.

In December of 1918, the annual Qadiani-Jalsa was postponed, they list indifferent health of the 2nd Khalifa as the reason, nonetheless, the Jalsa was held in March of 1919, and many Lahori-Ahmadi’s were invited to Qadian. Hafiz Raushan Ali also gave a speech on the prophethood of MGA. See “Truth About the Split”, page 210.

The 1920 Qadian Jalsa

He is at the 1920 Jalsa at Qadian, via the ROR of Jan-1921.

He famously writes in the Al-Fazl that it is permissible to have sec

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Source: AlFazal 20th July 1922

Author Hafiz Raushan Ali, one of the 313 Sahaba of Promised Messiah

Second question: How many concubines (sex slaves) can a a Muslim keep ? and can he have sex with them without Nikah (Islamic Marriage) ?

Answer: Islam has not restricted the number of concubines, one can keep as many as he wants. And he can go close (have sex) with them without Nikah. Hence in the Quran Allah says in Al-Maarij:

Momins are those who protect their sexual organs but do not protect (keep them away) from their wives and concubines.

In this verse it clearly indicates that one can have sex with concubines without Nikah (Islamic Marriage) Because here the concubine that is being referred, if she was a Concubine under Nikah (marriage) then she would have been included in the wives category.

However, God has mentioned wives and concubines separately, hence it proves that concubines here mean those who are excluded from the Wives. Also, Prophet Muhammad was given a Concubine by the name of Maria Qabtia as a gift. He had sex with her without Nikah (Islamic Marriage). This also proves that one can have sex with concubines without a Nikah.

Now I will explain why one can not have a Nikah with a concubine. A concubine is the one whose body is under the ownership of someone else. That woman has no rights of her own. Her all rights are owned by the owner.

And for Nikah it is required that one accepts the terms, meaning Nikah can only take place when both individuals accept its conditions upon themselves. In other words Nikah can only happen when the individuals have a right to accept Nikah’s conditions. And since it has been explained earlier that a concubine has no rights of her own, so she is not eligible for Nikah. Hence the owner has the right to have sex with her without Nikah, because he owns that woman hence he is also the owner of her sexual organs (vagina).



In 1924, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa traveled from India to England and stopped in Egypt, Damascus and why?

He accompanied the 2nd Khalifa in his travel to Europe in 1924.

His death

Hafiz Raushan Ali died in July-August of 1929, according to Paigham e sulah of 1929 it says he was just over 50 years old. See also the english ROR of August-1929.
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