As we continue to dig into the early history of Ahmadiyya, we continue to find new facts that support the idea that the majority of MGA’s team of writers, mullahs and speakers were fast friends, and in this case relatives of Noorudin.  In this specific case, we cover Hakeem Mufti Fazl ur Rehman, he was listed amongst the first 313 companions of MGA (although 313 is only men, the women push the number past 313, perhaps at Badr only men were also counted).  See Dard, page 846, online edition.  Interestingly enough, there is another companion of MGA with almost the same name, its #246–“”Mufti Fadlur Rahman (withwife), Bhera.””(See Dard, page 851).  We are calling the first entry as the true descriptor, based on the title “Hakim”, however, this could be a double entry by the Qadiani-mullah team.

Furthermore, Nooruddin’s first wife is mentioned here, she isn’t mentioned much in Ahmadiyya literature.  Noorudin had 9 sons and 5 daughters with his first wife, Noorudin doesn’t seem to have spent much time with his family.  In 1889, he married again, we have to assume that his young wife immediately moved in with him in Jammu or wherever he was working in 1889.

Noorudin’s children from his first marriage seem to have totally rejected Ahmadiyya, within Noorudin’s lifetime even.  His children from his second wife also have left Ahmadiyya, the one daughter that married into the MGA family, her children are unaccounted for in the history of Ahmadiyya.  1. Amatul Qayyum, daughter, 2. Amatul Rashid, daughter, 3. Mirza Khalil Ahmad, son, they were born from 1914 to 1924.

The reference

The Quote
“””Hakeem Mufti Fazl ur Rehman, when he was a teacher in the Talimul Islam School, went on leave to his native town Bhera. He sta
yed there beyond the leave period. Anjuman (the governing body), issued a notice to him to resume his duties but he did not turn up to his duty, despite receipt of notice. The Anjuman placed him under suspension.
When he returned to Qadian, his maternal aunt, who happened to be his mother in law and whose name was Fatima Bibi, was with him. Fatima Bibi who was first wife of Khalifa Awwal Hakim Nuruddin, went to Hazrat Masih e Moud (MGQ) and complained that the Anjuman has dismissed her son in law from the service. Hazrat Sahib immediately wrote a letter to the Secretary of Anjuman and got him restored on the job.”””

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