This was the second Jalsa at Qadian under the Khilafat of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad. The only reference to this Jalsa is via a speech of the Khalifa which was converted into the controversial book by the Khalifa which was published a few months later as “Anwar-i-Khilafat”. This jalsa was also mentioned in the ROR of February-1916. The Jalsa lasted 5 days, from Dec-24–28. Ahmadiyya sources allege that 4000 people attended, of which 300 were ladies.
The ROR of February-1916

Some of the speakers were, the 2nd Khalifa, Maulana Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah Sahib, Professor, Ahmadiyya Madrassa Qadian, Shaikh Abdur Rahman (Maulawi Fazil)(late student of Jami Fazil, Egyptian University, Cairo), Maulawi Hafiz Roshan Ali (Ahmadiyya Missionary), Maulawi Ghulam Rasul of Rajeke, Mir Muhammad Ishaq (Maulawi Fazil)(Professor, Ahmadiyya Madrassa), Mufti Muhammad Sadiq (Ahmadiyya missionary, late editor of the Badr newspaper, Qadian) and Shaikh Muhammad Yusuf (editor of the Noor magazine at Qadian).

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