In 1898, in MGA’s english and Urdu book, Kashif ul Ghita (In english as, “The Truth Unveiled”(1898), he mentioned how a person named Mullah Muhammad Baksh of Lahore had written foul and indecent language about MGA’s wife in a magazine called Jafar Zatalli, MGA also mentioned this newspaper in “A Hidden Truth” (Raz-e-Haqiqat)(1898).  Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi was also involved heavily in this as was a certain Abul Hassan Tibiti (as-in from Tibet)(see Mujadid e Azim, online english abridged version).  Per Ahmadiyya sources, these ishtahar’s vs. MGA were published from June–1897 to Aug–1898.  MGA eventually published a prediction which claimed that some divine punishment would befall Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi, since he was helping the opponents of MGA.

Quotations from the Ja‘far Zatalli, dated June 11th, 1897
See Life of Ahmad by Dard,

“Mirza is ready to carry the filth and dirt of the Christians and to rub his face on their shoes.  He has given to the British Government the dignity of God. This donkey of an Antichrist has published such nonsense regarding His Majesty the Sultan that one has a strong desire that this Satan of impure mind… should be beaten with shoes 200 times… Curse on this offspring of a dog! He should have better become an open apostate to Christianity than use contemptuous words for the Sultan. I havemade five prophecies about him. (1) The Kadiani shall be involved in a serious case and shall be banished or chained and thrown into prison. (2) While in imprisonment he shall go mad. (3) He shall suffer from a fistula. (4) He shall become a leper and his figure shall be deformed. (5) His wife shall have unlawful connection with his disciples and after getting a divorce from him shall marry me. Maulawi Abu Sa‘id Muahmmad Husain will pronounce the marriage sermon. (6) Eventually the Mirza shall become blind, deaf and dumb and, committing suicide, shall be thrown into hell.”

The Al-Hakam responds to Jafar Zatalli
See the September 6th and 13th and December 8th, 1898, and January 10th, 1899 editions of Al-Hakam.  MGA was forced to tell the authorities that he had no official connection with this newspaper.

Oct-Dec 1898
He claims that MGA broke the law and conducted a prophecy vs. himself.  Even though MGA is guilty, the British government absolves MGA.  MGA issues another prophecy against Batalvi, MGA claims that Batalvi will be disgraced by Feb 1900.

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