After claiming to be the Messiah in 1891, Batalvi turned on MGA and his team of ghost writers.  Batalvi began his beef with MGA which lasted til MGA died. MGA even made predictions that Batalvi would eventually join Ahmadiyya and etc, however, like all of MGA’s predictions, those also failed.

This death prophecy situation erupted again in 1898-1899, Batalvi claims that MGA broke the law and conducted a prophecy vs. himself. Even though MGA is guilty, the British government absolves MGA. MGA issues another prophecy against Batalvi, MGA claims that Batalvi will be disgraced by Feb 1900. This prophecy also fails.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________A summary of this situation, written by a friend


In his book Aina Kamalat e Islam at page 601-604, Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani writes that Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi always criticise me and says i am an uneducated man , incompetent in Arabic language knowledge. He also says that Molvi Nooruddin is only a Hakim and Molvi Ahsan Amrohi is only a munshi. (Clerk). So he Mirza challenged Batalvi to have a contest of writing tafsir of 80 verses from Quraan and writing poetry (Naat). Few months ago the date of which i don,t remember, I saw an article by Muhammad Hussain Batalvi wherein Batalvi calls me dajjal, liar and dishonest. Beside this he says I am ignorant of religious knowledge. He insulted me like this repeatedly.

Then I cried before Allah swt for help, after this prayer I received Ilham “UDOONI ASTAJIB LAKUM” meaning pray to Me I will accept . So i prayed for victory against Batalvi, my heart got cleared I understood that my prayers have been answered. The Ilham “ INNI MAHEENUN MAN ARAD AHANTIKA
(I will humiliate those who intend to humiliate you) seems to have materialised. For this contest i prayed before Allah to destroy the liar. I have prayed for the contest fixing a time period of 40 days.

Now if i lose and my prayers are not answered then non acceptance of my prayer will prove my ilham as lie. I may be treated as liar and shall be prepared to accept any punishment. If Batalvi loses the contest his ignorance and humiliation shall be revealed to the world. But if he runs away from the contest he would receive 10 curses from Allah swt. After writing this MGQ writes words “Laanat” 10 times in his book.

Ahmadi’s propagated this 40 days prayer of Mirza far and wide at that time. Every follower of Mirza was anxiously waiting for a heavenly calamity or accident to fall upon Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi days in and days out. As the time goes by without any such news many were of the opinion that Batalvi could fall prey to such a mishap at the eleventh hour.
Finally the 40 days time line passed but to the disappointment of qadiyanis nothing happened to Batalvi. Ahmadi’s felt very sad to know that neither Mirza,s Ilham proved true nor his prayers were answered.

After this Batalvi wrote in his Magazine IShaatussunnah :

“Dear readers it is 30th April 1892 today , three days have passed after the expiry of 40 days time line. I am flourishing and am better than Mirza in health, wealth and in children. May be Mirza would justify his failed prophesy by telling his Mureeds that It was meant a metaphoric AZAB would fall on me on qayamah or he could say look Batalvi felt great distress during fasting or see Batalvi ,s son has suffered from cold and cough and in this way my prophesy has fulfilled with extreme grace.””

The scans

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