Shaikh Rahmatullah was a rich man and an Ahmadi.  He was called as a witness in the case of  Dr. Clarke vs. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, pages 180-181.

Statement of Shaikh Rahmatullah on solemn affirmation 13th August 1897
Son of Shaikh Abdul Karim, caste Shaikh, resident of Gujrat, at present Lahore. Age 40 years. Stated:  I am a merchant. I have been a follower of Mirza sahib for about six years. I do not know the number of followers. I had seen Abdul Hameed perhaps in the month of May in the city of Lahore. He had come to my shop. He had not been sent to me by the Muslims of Gujrat. Amir-ud-Din had not sent him to me. I do not remember the exact date. He had said to me: “I am the paternal nephew of Burhanud-Din. I had become a Christian, but now my belief has changed. I want to become a Muslim.” I had heard earlier also that a paternal nephew of Burhan-ud-Din was a Christian. I do not know who had said this. He had stayed for two or three days at my house for men. He made up his mind to go to Qadian and asked me for the fare. I had given him 8 annas cash. I did not receive any information that he had reached there. I had come to know from some visitor that he had reached there. He returned four or five days later, but I was not there. My men said: “He had come and has gone to Jhelum”. I did not see him subsequently. I usually go to Qadian. By the grace of God, I am wealthy. I pay 153 Rupees tax. At Qadian I stay at the guest house which is separate from Mirza sahib’s house. Mirza sahib does not have a private meeting room, he meets the ordinary people, the general public, in the mosque. I am not aware of any special place where he holds consultations. If it is within my power and money is needed for the sake of Islam then I am ready to give help to Mirza sahib. I had gone to Gujrat between 16th and 22nd July 1897. I cannot say by what name Abdul Hameed had made himself known to me. I know Yusuf Khan. He never led prayers in my presence nor is he fit to be appointed to lead prayers.

(On a question of the lawyer of the defendant) I know Abdul Hameed to be a rogue. He had said to me: “I have some doubts [on religious matters]. To remove them I am going to Qadian”. There is a bathroom adjacent to the mosque. It is for urinating and bathing. There is no place for sitting there. There is no closet. During a period of six years I never got an opportunity to meet Mirza sahib in privacy inside the house. If sometimes on the occasion of a gathering, three or four hundred people assemble, then the female section is vacated and all persons assemble there. Otherwise no one goes there. He does not meet any one except at the times of the five prayers.

Question: Did Mr. Clarke send [horse-drawn] carts to Qadian at night? Answer: The said gentleman had sent three carts. Question: Do you know Girdhari Lal the Arya? Answer: I have seen him; there is no personal acquaintance. I had gone to Qadian at night. Abdul Hameed has gone to Qadian in the morning. I know Ganga Ram. He was a teacher at Qadian. He also has gone to Qadian along with Abdul Hameed. I know Ganga Ram is an Arya. On a question from the advocate: The bathroom has a door which can be closed. There is a storey above it. It is an open courtyard, and is commonly used for prayers. Mirza sahib also comes here. From the mosque a door leads to Mirza sahib’s house, and another from the stairs.
Signature in English. Read out. Is correct. Signature of the Judge.

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