During MGA’s famous case vs. Dr. Clarke in Gurdaspur, many Ahmadi’s were called as character witnesses for MGA. Noorudin was the top witness. However, since MGA was above the law in British-India, since his father Mirza Ghulam Murtaza helped to kill the mutineers of 1857, MGA was given respite even when he was totally guilty. We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, pages 177-179.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Statement of Maulvi Nur-ud-Din, prosecution witness on solemn affirmation, 30th August 1897

Son of Ghulum Rasul, resident of Bherah, District Shahpur, Tribe Quraishi, age 50 years. Stated:
I have been a follower of Mirza sahib for a very long time, for years. I have never received the title of the angel of the right hand, nor of khalifa. I am not called the most venerable of all. Abdul Hameed does not belong to our clan. We are Quraishis and Abdul Hameed is a Gakhkhar. There is no connection. I did not receive any postage-due letter from Abdul Hameed. I take three types of postage-due letters: Those coming from home; or if someone posts with stamps but it becomes postage-due by mistake then I pay its charge; or I honour postage-due letters of book parcels. The other postage-due letters I return. I am acquainted with Abdul Hameed. He came to Qadian twice and had said to me: “Arrange for me to take the oath of allegiance to Mirza sahib.” I made a submission to Mirza sahib. He said: “I do not administer the oath of allegiance so readily, nor do I like such an oath where the affairs of the person taking the oath of allegiance are not fully known”. Abdul Hameed stayed for two or three days and went away. I do not remember when he came. I do not know after how much time he came again, but it was not after a long time. As for the second time I do not remember how many days he stayed. Mirza sahib dealt with Abdul Hameed neither strictly nor with love. Once Mirza sahib said: “Do not let strangers stay for long when it is not known how decent they are.” I do not know whether there is a follower of Mirza sahib in Bengal or not. There are two followers at Hyderabad, one at Bombay, none at Karachi, none at Kabul, none at Lucknow, one at Delhi. There are followers in the Punjab. I do not remember their number. Mirza sahib writes books. Some of his followers take away the books free, some pay the price and also make a donation. I think Mirza sahib can pay a reward up to 10,000 Rupees. As long as Yusuf Khan stayed at Qadian he stayed away from us. But we did not find anything wrong with him. Mirza sahib did not pay the fare to Abdul
Hameed. He had instructed to turn him out. He does not let useless people stay. As far as I know and remember I had given him 2 annas. Mirza sahib did not give him anything. I did not myself see Abdul Hameed working in the press. I had heard that he used to work. As for abuses, I had heard that he had abused Mirza sahib. He had not abused Mirza sahib in my presence. I cannot say about Abdul Hameed whether or not he was there on the day of the Jubilee. Burhan-ud-Din had come at the time of the Jubilee. He had told me: “This boy is not
good. You will get trouble from him”, that is, he will harm you. I do not know who had asked Abdul Hameed to go away. I had not said this.

On a question from the lawyer of the defendant: When Abdul Hameed first came to Qadian I got acquainted with him. He stayed where the common people, visitors or beggars etc. stay. The place is at a distance of a hundred yards from the house of Mirza sahib. Mirza sahib does not go there. I have been staying with Mirza sahib continuously for four years. He lives in privacy. He comes out only five times for the prayers and sometimes goes out for fresh air. He comes out at the times of the morning, midday, afternoon, sunset and night prayers. There is public gathering then. Everybody is present there. Nobody goes inside the house of Mirza sahib. I have never been there myself. Mirza sahib had given a general order that with the exception of sincere persons, other strangers should be turned out. When Burhan-ud-Din had said “this boy is not good” I had not talked to Mirza sahib about this. On the contrary, I had told Burhan-ud-Din:
“The wicked improve. Why do you think so badly of him?” He had said: “I have more experience of him”. Abdul Hameed never attended my lessons. He did not meet Mirza sahib at all. He suffers from venereal disease. I had treated him. When he came to Qadian again, I was at the same place. He was turned out after his second visit. Perhaps Burhan-ud-Din was not at that place at that time. This is highly probable. As for the expulsion of Muhammad Yusuf, I have just
heard it said that he was expelled. Actually he had gone himself. The writing, exhibit ‘F’, page 44 is about truth and falsehood, that anyone who does not follow truth will be destroyed by God, whoever he may be. This includes Mirza sahib also. This writing is not a prophecy. Whoever he may be, the end of the wicked and the liar is not good. The word at the end of the writing is ‘lie’, not ‘liar’. I know Muhammad Saeed who has become a Christian. He had been expelled from Qadian by Mirza sahib. Yusuf Khan and Muhammad Saeed used to live together at one place. They did not leave Qadian together. They had left separately. I do not know where the bathroom inside the house is situated. The mosque has a public bathroom. (On a question from the advocate): Mirza sahib has no closet inside the mosque. (On a question from the Court) Oath of allegiance was not taken from Abdul Hameed. I had not made him read any of the conditions of allegiance. (Exhibit ‘H’). Nur-ud-Din. Read out. Is correct. Nur-ud-Din.
Signature of the Judge
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