MGA and his team of writers and editors were always actively working behind the scenes. MGA never wrote anything, he had other people write on his behalf, Noorudin would approve everything after his edits. On 11 June 1899, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani wrote a letter to his rich businessman mureed Seth Abdul Rehman Madrasi requesting him to provide information about Yuzasaf in Madras. Relevant portion of letter is posted. Remember, “Jesus in India” wasn’t published until after MGA died, however, the Yuz Asaf data was published in the ROR.
The letter

My dear Brother Seth Abdul Rehman Sb.
I write to you for an important task. It has come to my knowledge that a Yuzasaf festival is held every year in Madras. I want to know as to who is this Yuzasaf as per the peoples who arrange this Yuzasaf festival and of what calibre this Yuzasaf was in their eyes? Further what do they think from where this Yuzasaf had arrived there. What was his tribe and what was his religion. Is there a place known to be attributed to him ? Do they have any writing which could give his biography?. other information if any and whatever detail that could be found may be sent to me immediately. Till then I have postponed publication of this book.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
Qadian dated.11 June 1899
_____________________________________________________________________________________________More about the Yuz Asaf cover-up story

Ahmadiyya mullahs and editors are totally academically dishonest, they are taught to behave as such by the Mirza family. In the case of Yuz Asaf, they were over-the-top academically dishonest. In this “Kamal-ud-Din WA Itmam ul Naimat” Vol. 2, it is clearly written that Yus Asaf had a father. Even in “Ayn-ul-Hayat” it is stated that Yuz Asaf’s father was a king. Recently, some ex-Ahmadi researchers made a video about all of this. Furhermore, in Jesus in India, which was published posthumously in November of 1908, the word Yuz Asaf doesn’t even exist. Nor do the references to any source material which would connect Yuz Asaf to Esa (as). The english ROR never mentioned “Ayn-ul-Hayat”,  however, it does mention Ikmal-ud-Din (see ROR of May 1904), which seems to be a shortened version of “Kamal-ud-Din WA Itmam ul Naimat”. MGA and his team first quoted “Ayn-ul-Hayat” in 1898, in a book called ‘Raz-e-Haqiqat”, which was translated and published into english in 2016, see page 24, they also quoted “Kamal-ud-Din WA Itmam ul Naimat”, however, its spelled slightly differently, “Ikmal-ud-Din Wa Itmam-un-Ni’mat”. However, they were academically dishonest, they purposely didn’t mention that Yuz Asaf had a father and many other things, an Ex-Ahmadi, Shams ud Din, recently got a hold of “Ayn ul Hayat” and “Kamal-ud-Din WA Itmam ul Naimat” Vol. 2, and posted his results in a video, make sure you watch Part-2 also, these are in Urdu and watch part 3. We have also found “Ayn ul Hayat” and have posted the PDF’s in the below. This book proves that MGA totally lied. Shams ud Din found the book “Rahul ul Hayat” by Allama Muhammad Bakir, there is an urdu translation called, “Ainul Hayat”. On page 361, it is written that Yuz Asaf had a father in Kashmir.
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The groundwork for the research on Jesus’ tomb was laid by the Promised Messiah (as) – Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib (ra) then conducted further investigations

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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq travelled to the tomb of Yuz Asaf in 1934’ma_(book)


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