Per all academic sources, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud funded Shaikh Abdullah (Sher i Kashmir) to start a political revolution in Kashmir vs. the ruling party, the Dogra Dynasty. This ended up backfiring on the Khalifa, the Ahrars and Sir Muhammad Iqbal turned on the Khalifa and exposed his for looking at Kashmir as a possible new headquarters for himself, or to gain converts and setup the movement at Kashmir. Historically, by 1931, there were no Ahmadi places-of-worship in Kashmir. All of their current places-of-worship seem to have been acquired after the partition of 1947. Nevertheless, after losing interest in Kashmir (1934), the Khalifa seems to have written a pamphlet wherein he explain the truth about the entire Kashmir situation, the book was called, “Haqiqat i Hal”, in english, it would be “The Reality of What Happened”. This book is available on under Volume 14 of Anwar ul Aloom, it was also quoted by Ian Copland in 1981, as he wrote “Islam and Political Mobilization in Kashmir, 1931-34”, which was published in an academic journal entitled: “Pacific Affairs”, Vol. 54, No. 2 (Summer, 1981), pp. 228-259 (32 pages), Published by: Pacific Affairs, University of British Columbia. By May of 1934, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa had fell out of favor with the British Government after it was revealed how he funded the Kashmir movement with mystery funds. The British Government in-turn allow the Ahrar’s to hold a conference close to Qadian.  Sir Muhammad Iqbal also went on his tirade vs. Ahmadiyya in this era.

Quotes from Haqiqat i Hal
—“”….it is not permitted by religion nor (does) it (seem) be right morally”””” (See page 251, Copland, 1981).

—-“””we have government sympathy owing to civil disobedience.  This should be secured again””” (See page 251, Copland, 1981).

Lavan also quoted Haqiqat i Hal
Lavan summarizes on page 154-155. He claims that after the Khalifa resigned from the President-ship of the All-India (1932), the Khalifa agreed to continue to fund the insurgence against the Maharaja Hari Singh, and kept lots of Ahmadi’s on the All-India Kashmir Committee. The Khalifa also agreed to not order Ahmadi’s to do missionary work for 2 years.  Iqbal complained that there were too many Ahmadi’s still on the committee.  

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