We have covered this topic before.  Read it here.  Azad Kashmir was the first country to officially pass legislation declaring Ahmadi’s as Non-Muslim.  They didn’t require any Ahmadi’s to show up to any court.  In fact, Bhutto disagreed and was very upset that Ahmadi’s were declared as such.  Anyhow, apparently, the government of Azad Kashmir didn’t finalize the declaration back in 1973.  They seem to have recently published the full declaration.

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Are there any Ahmadi’s in Azad Kashmir?
This is a mystery.  We, as a group of researchers have never seen any data to suggest that there are any Ahmadi’s in Azad Kashmir.  There were reports of Ahmadi mosques being demolished by the Azad Kashmir govt.

All Ahmadi’s should evacuate Azad Kashmir and move to India, or the Kashmir side of India
The Ahmadi Khalifa should give out this advisory immediately.  He should also be forced to pay for their travel and resettlement.

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