Sardar Abdul Qayyum seems to have worked on getting Ahmadis declared non-muslim in Azad Kashmir in 1973, to this Mirza Nasir Ahmad did write a response (see Al-fazl, 13-May-1973). Nonetheless, this seems to have been a political move to appease Saudi Arabia, who had lots of oil in those days and thus lots of power. The true motivation was probably a mixture of things.  Nonetheless, behind the scenes, Bhutto and Ahmadiyya leadership aka Mirza Nasir Ahmad were trying to get the Azad Kashmir govt. to announce that this law actually didnt pass, See “Ahmadiyya, British-Jewish Connections” by Bashir Ahmad.  Saudi Arabia banned Ahmadis in 1973, and were hopeful that other “islamic-countries” would at least declare Ahmadis as non-muslim.  Bhutto and the Pakistani govt. refused, however, after Ahmadis attacked teenagers at the Rabwah train station and created a national controversy and mass rioting, Bhutto and his govt. did eventually declared Ahmadis as non-Muslim.  However, after conducting all of the research, its obvious that Ahmadiyya leadership colluded with Bhutto, orchestrated the train attacks and purposely got themselves declared as non-muslim.  They did this since Rabwah was on a 99-year lease, and the young grandsons of MGA (mirza nasir ahmad and mirza tahir ahmad) wanted to move the headquarters into an advanced country, Pakistan was waaaaaay behind the rest of the world in technology and many other things.

Lots of countries refuse to recognize Ahmadis as Muslims, here is a list
1.  Algeria has banned Ahmadiyya altogether
2.  Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Qatar, Oman and Yemen have banned Ahmadis
3.  Eritrea only recognizes one version of Sunni-Islam
4.  Bangladesh has banned Ahmadiyya literature