Qadiani-Ahmadi’s aren’t expecting any additional prophets in the future (see Abu Daqqa admit to this fact), they see their Khilafat as an eternal promise that will last until the day of judgement. When cornered on this, Qadiani-Ahmadi’s will say, only the Khalifa can claim prophethood. All of this goes back to MGA. Before 1901, MGA was claiming that anyone could become a prophet and it was a matter of prayer. In fact, from 1891 to 1900, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad denied his own prophethood 50-100 times.

However, in 1901, MGA abruptly claimed prophethood, and a year later, MGA called himself as the Khatamul-Khulafa and claimed to be mentioned in 1:6 of the Quran, and he claimed to be the FINAL BRICK. MGA was claiming to be an Ummati-Nabi, this contradicted all of his previous comments, i.e., that a prophet could never be a follower. Remember, In 1890-91, in Izala Auham, MGA argued over and over again that a prophet could never be a follower of another prophet. MGA and his team of writers quoted the Quran, 4:64 (4:65 in the Ahmadi Quran) as evidence.

5-6 years later, MGA was claiming in Haqiqatul Wahy (1906-1907) that he was the only person in the entire Muslim ummah to be given the title of prophet. MGA was claiming to be Muhammad (Saw)(astagfarullah), and thus, MGA was claiming to be the FINAL prophet. After MGA died, in 1911, an Ahmadi, Muhammad Zahir Al-Din wrote a book wherein he discussed the prophethood of MGA and its implications of Kufr upon the Muslims of the world. Muhammad Zahir Al-Din was promoting MGA as a law-bearing prophethood and wasn’t immediately kicked out of Ahmadiyya by the 1st Khalifa. In fact, the 1st Khalifa (Nur ud Din) didn’t care if MGA claimed law-bearing prophethood.

However, in theory, Qadiani-Ahmadi’s won’t stop saying that prophethood is open. They lie and bring 4:69 and 7:35 and will argue for hours and hours that prophethood is still open. The 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad wrote Qaul al-Fasl in January of 1915 and Haqiqatun Nubuwwat in March of 1915, wherein he quoted 7:35, 4:69, 2:5 and 61:6 as verses from the Quran wherein MGA was explained as a prophet to come. MGA had never used these verse to argue pro-prophethood. The 2nd Khalifa claimed that 1000’s of prophets could come. The 2nd Khalifa even twisted 2:4 of the Quran and claimed that there were additional revelations that Muslims must believe in after the Quran. Further, in 1915, Ahmadi’s claim that Surah Fatiha has a mention of MGA, specifically in the Quran 1:6 (1:7, in the Qadiani Quran). Also in 1915, an Ahmadi scholar said that it was disrespectful to call MGA an Ummati-Nabi, since he was Muhammad (Saw)(astagfarullah)(see the scans in the below).

In this same era, MGA was called the Messenger of the latter days. The ROR of Dec-1915 has an article, “Ahmad, the Messenger of the Latter Days”. The Jan-1917 edition of the ROR has an article, “Ahmad, the Messenger of the Latter Days” (Part-1). The ROR of Feb-March-1917 has an article, “Ahmad, the Messenger of the Latter Days” (Part-2) translated into english by Abul Hashem Khan (M.A.). The ROR of June-1917 has an article, “Ahmad, the Messenger of the Latter Days” (Part-3) translated into english by Abul Hashem Khan (M.A.). In 1924, a book by the 2nd Khalifa was published, “Ahmad, the Messenger of the Latter Days”.

In Aenas Sadaqat (1921, Truth about the Split, see page 18), the son of MGA used the phraseology “Khatam-ul-Khulafa” as he argued that MGA was like Esa (as) and was the FINAL prophet of that dispensation.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1915
Here is the official scan of the portion quoted from al Fazl June 29, 1915, p. 7:

The title of the essay is “Akhiri zamanay mein ek Rasul ka maboos hona zahir hotha hai aur wo masih mawood hai.” Written by Ghulam Rasul Rajeki. Roughly 60 years later, and during the 1974 NA hearings, Mirza Nasir Ahmad was questioned about this quotation from 1915. He lied and said that this doesn’t exist in any edition and will never be found.

“Masih Mawood ko Ahmad Nabi ullah tasleem na karna aur aap ko ummati qarar dena ummi groh samajhna goya aan Hazrat jo syed ul mursaleen aur khatam an nabiyeen hain Ummati qarar dena hai. Ummati mein dakhil karna hai jo kufr e azeem aur kufr dar kufr hai.”


“To not accept the promised messiah as Ahmad Nabi ullah and to call You (MGA) an Ummati is seen as an illiterate group. Moreover, it is (the equivalent of) calling his holiness (the prophet Muhammad PBUH) an Ummati who was the seal of messengers and seal of prophets. To add into an Ummati is the greatest kufr and kufr upon kufr!”


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