#Muslims should never discuss #hadith with #Ahmadis. The reason is quite simple, #ahmadis are taught to follow the revelations of MGA first, then they approach hadith and the Quran. #Ahmadis are essentially working backwards. The #wahabi approach to hadith seems to be the same. It seems that MGA was also a #wahabi (called #ahlehadith in British India), and thus took this from them. Sir Syed was also a Muslims of a #ahlehadith background, however, by 1875, he turned into a Quranist, which is totally fine, we don’t care, we allow Muslims to be adventerous in their beliefs, by 1877, Sir Syed denied the concept of the Mahdi. Nevertheless, this is what the British wanted in India. The British wanted to break Muslims reliance on Hanafi Fiqh, which was used by the #mughalempire as well as the #ottomanempire. In Saudia Arabia, the British created #wahabism and had them do a Jihad against the last Muslim empire, the Ottomans. The Ottomans controlled the oil in Iraq (al-basra) and had to be eliminated, thus they were taken out systematically and a puppet government was installed in Turkey in roughly 1924.

In the below, we have posted the reference from the 1900-1902 era wherein MGA confirms to #Ahmadis (and the world) that his revelations are above any and all hadith and any hadith which don’t match MGA’s revelations should be immediately discarded. We have also posted a reference from 7 years earlier, wherein MGA admits that after the Quran, Bukhari is the most authentic book. We have also posted scans from the English-ROR, which also prove the same.

Furthermore, in terms of hadith, especially when it comes to the Mahdi. #ahmadis cherry pick only 2 hadith, since the other 20+ hadith prove MGA to be a liar. Those 2 hadith are the famous one wherein it is claimed that “No Mahdi, except Esa” (which has been listed by the scholars are a lie) and the shia hadith on the eclipses. These are some classic cases wherein #ahmadis cherry pick as they work backwards to prove that MGA was true. As we all know, initially, from 1880–1891, MGA never mentioned the Mahdi at all. Then, in 1891, as he made his claims of being a Messiah, he was silent on the concept of the Mahdi. In 1892, MGA began to write that all the hadith on the Mahdi were faulty. By 1894, after reading about the pending eclipses, he fraudulently authenticated a Shia hadith that wasn’t even fulfilled properly. After MGA died, in the BA-5 (ocotober-1908), MGA’s ghost writers again wrote that all hadith about the Mahdi were wrong.
See RK: vol: 19, pg. 140, 1902-1902 era.  “””Ijaz e ahmadi”””

“the basis for our claim is not hadith but Quran and that wahi which comes to us. Yes, in support we also quote those hadith which are according to Quran and do not contradict my wahi.  As for the rest of the hadiths, i throw them away like waste paper..” 

The scan work
In 1895, MGA wrote some different things on his formula of what Islam is
Arya Dharam, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 10, pp. 86-87

“Of the other books that are accepted by us the Sahih of Bukhari ranks as the first. All its Ahadith which are not opposed to the Holy Qur’an are in our view authoritative. Next comes Sahih Muslim. We accept its authority subject to the condition that it should not be opposed to the Holy Qur’an and Sahih Bukhari. Next to them are the compilations of Tirmidhi, Ibn-e-Majah, Muattah of Imam Malik, Nassa’i, Abu Da’ud and Dar Qutni, which we regard as authoritative so long as they are not opposed to the Holy Qur’an and Bukhari and Muslim. These are our religious books and these are the conditions under which we accept them….(…)”
Khutbatay Mahmoud (page 457)

Maseeh maoud(Mirza qadyani) use too say that ahadees is a work of a juggler, and juggler brings out from the box whatever he wants


Scan from the ROR of May-1903, which also prove the same

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