#Ahmadi’s run around social media claiming that they are the 73rd sect, the saved sect and etc. However, in Nigeria alone there were 4-5 splinters sects of Ahmadiyya from 1922 to 1948 who argued with each other and even fought each other in court over control of mosques and imams (see Fisher). In 1922, while the first Ahmadi imam Abdur Rahim Nayyar was still in Lagos, the 3rd split in the Ahmadiyya Movement happened. Nayyar immediately skipped town and returned to London a few months later. Nigeria didn’t get another Ahmadi imam for 5+ years. Nayyar had converted the “Quranic-people”, who were a sect of Muslims in the Lagos area of Nigeria. They seemed to control 3 mosques. Nayyar was able to steal the Okepopo mosque from their control in 1922. The Ahmadiyya jamaat held control of this mosque until a court case in 1934, which eventually ruled against the Ahmadiyya movement and gave the mosque back to the Quranic people.
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L.B. Agusto was a pioneer member of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Nigeria but he renounced membership when he realized that members in Southfield, London believed founder, Ghulam Ahmad was a prophet

In 1922, the Ahmadiyya Movement stole the Adepopo mosque from the Quranic people in Lagos, Nigeria

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Who is Jibril Martin (1888-1959)? The Ahmadi in Nigeria who rejected the Qadiani Khilafat and created the 5th sect of #ahmadis

  2. Jump up to:a b c d e Animashaun, Bashir (2012) Jibril Felix Martin (1888 – 1959) and the spread of Western education among Muslims in 20th century Lagos. Ilorin Journal of History and International Studies Vol 3 No 1 2012


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