The Ahmadi mullah, Abdur Rahim Nayyar’s first speech in British West Africa was the now famous Shitta-Bey Mosque (see Fisher). This was just 2 days after his arrival. He did do an interview for a newspaper before that. In that interview, he claimed that Ahmadi’s only accept the British government as their Khalifa (See Fisher). This type of statement was also made during the life of MGA, in the English ROR of 1903. His first speech was entitled, “The Essence of Loyalty to the British Government and Islam”.
The Lagos newspaper that interviewed Nayyar before his first speech
See Fisher, page 98

He made 4 points in this newspaper, Fisher said it might be a fake report.

—We recognize no Khilafat outside the law of the land where we live, that is, his majesty, King George, is my temporal sovereign, and the head of the Ahmadiyya movement, in a word, its spiritual Khalifa. We do not look to the Hedjaz, Afghanistan or Turkey for our spiritual Khalif.

—The Mahdi-Messiah will not be a warrior, but comes to a spiritual kingdom, he has appeared in the Punjab

—We do away with the evil customs that have crept into Islam and ask the people to go back to the Quran

—Among the prophets are acknowledged not only Jesus, Moses and others, but all holy men

He also asked Nigerian Ahmadi’s to be dedicated to the British government.

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Stefan Reichmuth. “Education and the Growth of Religious Associations among Yoruba Muslims: The Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria”, Journal of Religion in Africa, Vol. 26, Fasc. 4 (Nov., 1996). p 8.

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