The Ahmadiyya movement is known for usurping mosques all around the world in British colonies. This was a common tactic that they used to get a foothold in any country. In terms of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria, as soon as Abdur Rahim Nayyar arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, he was able to dupe 10,000 Muslims from the “Quranic-people” (a sect in Nigeria) to join Ahmadiyya (1922). They broke away later in the year and created the 3rd sect in Ahmadiyya history. By 1934, per Fisher, there were barely 500 “Loyalist” type of Ahmadi’s left in Nigeria. Loyal to the Khalifa at Qadian and with one missionary. Nevertheless, Fisher tells us that in 1934, the Quranist-people won on appeal vs. Jibril Martin and the Ahmadi loyalist group and thus lost control of this important mosque. They controlled it for 12 years. Jibril Martin created another splinter sect of Ahmadiyya shortly thereafter. The famous Ahmadi Agusto was the lawyer for the Quranic people. He had created his splinter sect of Ahmadiyya in 1924. Which was the 4th sect in Ahmadiyya movement history. He lost the case initially, however, the quranic people won on appeal. Soon thereafter, there weren’t many Ahmadi’s left in Nigeria who were loyal to the Khalifa at Qadian.
Before Nayyar arrived, the Quranic people controlled 3 mosques

It is important to note this information. They controlled the Aroloya mosque, Atini and Okepopo (see Fisher page 102).

Per Fisher, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission school opened in September of 1922.
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The 3rd sect of #ahmadis were created in Lagos, Nigeria in 1922

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  2. Jump up to:a b c d e Animashaun, Bashir (2012) Jibril Felix Martin (1888 – 1959) and the spread of Western education among Muslims in 20th century Lagos. Ilorin Journal of History and International Studies Vol 3 No 1 2012

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