Ahmadiyya sources have lied repeatedly about the growth of Ahmadiyya, especially in Africa in the old British colonies. Watch my video on this topic with Mushtaq Malik herein. We estimate no more than 5000 Ahmadi’s in all of Nigeria by 2021. There seems to be 10-20 Ahmadiyya places of worship. The first one is unknown. Read about the Ahmadiyya jamaat stole a mosque in 1922 and later lost it. Also read about the 3rd and 4th sect of Ahmadis that was created in Nigeria. Read about how some of the earliest converts to Ahmadiyya from Nigeria quit once they learned of MGA’s prophethood. Read how the Qadiani and Mirza family was rejected by the majority of the Ahmadi’s in Nigeria by 1925. By the 1970’s, we estimate that there were barely 5000 Ahmadi’s in the entire country, in fact, one of the most famous Ex-Ahmadi’s was a professor named Dr. Balogan. He wrote extensively about the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in the 1970’s. And finally, read the detailed research work that we have done on the history of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria. In 2012, the Nigerian government took control of many Ahmadiyya-operated schools, read about it here.

Every year, the Khalifa announces hundreds of thousands of converts in Africa every year adding upto millions of Ahmadis in Africa. Yet, we are often left wanting for what the Africa Jamaat is all about [1,2,3]. A lot of questions loom around the actual population of Ahmadis globally as well, and attempts at estimates can be limited at determining millions of Ahmadis in Africa.

Interestingly, Mirza Masroor Ahmed had something to say in his meeting with Lajna, Nigeria on 21st February, 2021 that can shed some light on the issue.

Let’s begin by letting the respected Ahmadi members of the sub know that there are tabligh targets just like there are chanda targets. If someone says that the missionary work is run like a pyramid marketing scheme, I am sorry if it sounds disrespectful, but the similarity is uncanny and I wouldn’t be pointing it out if Ahmadi people don’t keep rejecting facts. From the article:

Secretary tabligh reported next. Huzooraa asked her what the annual target for new converts was, to which she replied it was 4,000 new converts. Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa responded by saying, “Allah the Almighty bless you and make you achieve this target”. Huzooraa  asked what plan was in place to enable the department to achieve this target. She said they aimed for each Lajna members to convert at least one person to Islam Ahmadiyyat. To this, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa said: 

“First, you should ask your amila members to bring one bai‘at. If amila members, at the national level and the local level and regional level, do tabligh and get one convert each, then you can easily achieve 25% of your target, insha-Allah.”

I don’t see anyone talking about guiding people to the truth here. This is hardcore sales. Get people to buy in seems the clear motivation. Nothing about let people know, explain the message and they’ll decide for their soul. Nope. Convert them. Everybody get somebody to buy.

One must appreciate that KM5 is keen to remove discrepancies in the convert and tajnid figures.

Having reported on the total membership of Lajna Imaillah Nigeria, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa said there should be accuracy in numbers, especially bearing in mind the number of converts that are reported on a yearly basis. If the numbers did not correspond, Huzooraa said, then there should be a proper and thorough study of where the discrepancies were so as to avoid them in the future.

Moving on to Tajnid and population in Nigeria:

Addressing secretary tabligh, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa asked about the method of collecting tajnid as it was very low and not in accordance with convert reports. Huzooraa said that the tajnid and the number of new converts should correspond with each other and such flaws in the tajnid database should be permanently eradicated.

It’s not unusual for tajnid to be less than the convert reports. My own experience with the Jamaat structure has been that somehow many converts don’t want to associate with the Jamaat right away even if they accept Mirza Ghulam Ahmed sahab as Promised Messiah and Mahdi. Jamaat has to contact them and pull them into the web of social structures through persistent efforts by officials and Murabbis. This sort of humanizes the legends and myths of a superior Ahmadiyyat in Africa. It also alludes that there might be less Ahmadis in Africa than announced every year.

An interesting insight from the article is about the demographics of the new converts. We often hear how Ahmadiyyat has defeated Christianity in Africa:

Huzooraa enquired about the demographics of the new converts and what religious backgrounds they had converted from. Secretary for new converts reported converts were predominantly Muslim while other converts had converted from Christianity and paganism etc.

Interestingly, the same discussion popped up with the National Amla of Nigeria:

However, this detail was omitted in the press release on the same:

Another interesting aspect that I didn’t discuss in the post was that the reported converts in Nigeria last year alone were 25,176. This was the largest number for any one country. The total population of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria is thought to be 2.84 million

. When Mirza Masroor Ahmed provides a strategy for 4000 conversions by saying:

“If amila members, at the national level and the local level and regional level, do tabligh and get one convert each, then you can easily achieve 25% of your target, insha-Allah.”

He is talking about approximately 1000 Lajna officials in Nigeria. that’s one lajna official for every 2,840 Ahmadis. Does that add up? Feels odd to me.

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