As a kid growing in America, I was told that the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad was stabbed while leading prayer at the Masjid Mubarak in Rabwah (March 10th, 1954, see Rashid Ahmad). However, after conducting research, we have found that this story never existed in Ahmadiyya literature until 1966 (See Truth Prevails, aka Ghalb-e-Haq). We think this story was made up by the Qadiani jamaat at Rabwah as they were forced to explain as to why the Khalifa never came outside after 1957 and had went totally crazy in this era and until he died was out of control crazy. In 1965, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s wrote about the Khalifa while he was on his deathbed in a disrespectful manner, in this book, they asserted that the Khalifa had went crazy as per the wrath of Allah since he claimed to be the Musleh Maud in 1944. They posted many references from the Al-Fazl which spoke of the Khalifa’s miserable condition. However, they didn’t mention any stabbing incident.

As an additional piece of evidence, we cite SE Brush and his academic work of 1955 wherein he visited Qadian (in 1953 and early 1954) and even spoke to the Khalifa. He didn’t mention anything about a stabbing, he might have left before March 1954, when the stabbing happened, nevertheless, if the Khalifa had been stabbed, he should have mentioned it when he completed this manuscript in 1955. Moreover in 1955, the Khalifa travelled to London for the second time in his life and never mentioned any incident of stabbing. Further, after the story was invented in 1966, Rashid Ahmad, the first ever Qadiani-Ahmadi murrabi claimed that he was in Rabwah in 1954 when the stabbing happened. He claims that he was missing from the masjid on the day when the Khalifa was stabbed. He claims that some boy (allegedly, a non-Ahmadi Muslim from Chiniot) slipped into his spot in the first row behind the Khalifa. This is a total lie. Security at Rabwah in 1954 was tight, the riots of 1953 had forced the Qadiani’s to be on their toes, thus, this entire story is dubious and a cover-up job. Even at the 1954 Jalsa in Rabwah, nothing was brought up about the Khalifa getting stabbed.

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