After MGA died, in August of 1908, the Al-Hakam of 22 August 1908, Page 1-2, Volume 12 #48 and again 53 years later, in 1961 (this is when Malfuzat volume-5 was published), MGA explained the status of any claimant of law-bearing prophethood as “wajib-ul-qatl (deserving of death). However, All prophets bring law (see Muhammad Ali, Prophethood in Islam {1915}), prophets don’t follow other prophets, or the revelations of other prophets (which form the prayer of those people). All prophets followed Allah (See 4:64 of the Quran), not other prophets or other scriptures. In fact, all 124,000 prophets brought some form of law, however, most of their revelations were lost. From 1880 to 1900, MGA even said that a follower could never become a prophet (see Muhammad Ali, Prophethood in Islam {1915}). MGA seems to have come to the understanding that prophets can become followers in the 1900-1901 era, this was the major change in prophethood which MGA invented (see haqiqatul wahy, the will and a few other books from after 1901). Factually, no verse of the quran differentiates between law-bearing vs. non-law-bearing prophets. The Quran only differentiates by calling some prophets additionally as Messengers (rasul). However, Rasul seems to be just a term of endearment, used to connatate additional respect as needed. Similarly, Waffa is used to describe death with respect, whereas Maut simply means death. Nevertheless, in November of 1901, MGA claimed to be an Ummati-Nabi, and in a roundabout way, he also claimed to be the second coming of Muhammad (saw). About 53 years after MGA died, a new reference on MGA’s prophethood was finally published, this new utterance is from Malfuzat Volume-5, which was published from Rabwah in 1961. This utterance was never published or discussed in the history of the Ahmadiyya polemic vs. the Lahori Ahmadi’s. In this utterance, MGA forcefully asserts that LAW-bearing prophets are Wajib-ul-Qatl (deserving of death). However, he didn’t include the “Ummati-Nabi’s in this category. Finally, remember, in 1891, MGA wrote that anyone who claims prophethood after Muhammad (saw) is a Kafir and a liar (see the quote in the below).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Translation of Malfuzat, Volume-5, page 610
Al Hakam, 22 August 1908, Page 1-2, Volume 12 #48

“””Lastly, there is something, we have claimed prophethood, via conversations and discussions (with allah), these people also agree. It is these conversations/discussions (with allah), these names, allah, the almighty has, in different words, has called this prophethood (conversations/discussions with allah). However, the law-bearing prophethood, as we have told, that we never-never claimed this. We advise from the quran, and from Rasul-e-Kareem (Saw) (Muhammad), who advised that any claimant of prophethood should be considered as wajib ul qatal (deserving of death) and accursed. In this type of prophethood, the prophethood of Respected-Hazrat-Rasul-ullah (Muhammad)’s prophethood would be abrogated. We consider the claimant (of law-bearing prophethood) to be an idiot, and wajib ul qatal (deserving of death)”. 

Transliteration of this reference
Malfuzat, Volume-5, page 610

“””bakee rahee yahee baat, humnay nubuwwat ka dawa keeaa hai. Muqalma aur mukhatba kay to yayh lok khud vee kile hai. Esse “muqalma, mukhatba”, ka naam, allah talla nay, dusray al-faaz may nubuwwat rakha hai. Verna eis tashree nubuwwwat ka to hum nai barhal biankeeaa hai, ke hum nai hargez-hargez davva nay keeaa quran say burgushta aur Rasul-e-Kareem (saw) say burgushta ho kar nubuwwat ka davva kernai wallay ko to hum wajib-ul-qatal aur lantee kantay hai, is tarha kee nubuwwat ka, kay, goya an-hazrat-Rasul-ullah (saw) kee nubuwwat ko mansukh kar dai. davva kerni wallay ko hum, mulhoon, aur wajib-ul-qatal jantay-hai”

The scan work
Malfuzat, Volume-5, page 610

_____________________________________________________________________________________________{footnote} Statement issued in Delhi, 2 October 1891. _Majmu’a Ishtiharat,_ 1986 edition, vol. 1, pages 230-231.{footnote}

“After the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the Khatam-ul-mursalin, I consider anyone who claims prophethood and messengership to be a liar and kafir.”

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