Allegedly, in 1903, the Al-Badr magazine and via Malfuzat (in the 1960′s), the Ahmadiyya Movement ran a story about a woman who claimed prophethood. The quotes are in the below. 
Malfuzat Vol.2, Pg. 254

”Ibn e Arabi has written that Law Bearing Prophethood has ended but Non Law bearing is still open, but I believe that all kinds of Prophet hoods have come to an end, except the one which is attained by being the resemblance of Prophet Muhammad (saw)”

They correspond this Malfuzat entry with the Al-Badr magazine (1st April 1903)
”Once a woman claimed Prophethood. When she was shown the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), where he said ”There is no Prophet after me”, she replied ”Only Prophethood for men has come to an end, women can still become Prophets”

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