The entire Lekh Ram murder story is fishy, an Ahmadi, Dr. Mirza Yacub Baig just so happened to be the doctor on-call and on-staff at the time that Lekh Ram arrived at the Mayo Hospital in Lahore. Lekh Ram was still alive and well, however, the Ahmadi doctor wasn’t able to save him, in fact, in jest, this Ahmadi doctor wrote to MGA soon after Lekh Ram died and told MGA that Lekh Ram was screaming, “Mirza sahib please save me”. Furthermore, even Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi was accusing MGA of arranging for the murder and gave many proofs which were also recorded in Kitab ul Barriyya. Dr. Clark soon had a person come to his Church and claim that MGA had also sent him for a murder. We all remember how Athim was almost murdered many times during MGA’s 15-month death prophecy.

Nevertheless, via Dard, we know that MGA’s house was searched (see pages 528-529), listen to this Qadiani murrabi explain it here also (See also the ROR of Oct-1942 and the testimony of Mirza Aziz Ahmad).. This murrabi explains how Mir Nasir Nawab was tipped off that the police was coming and he immediately informed MGA, thus, they were able to hide the evidence of involvement in the murder. View my tiktok on this herein. Remember, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad re-issued the Lekh Ram prophecy, after it expired. It should also be noted that MGA pushed Lekh Ram to criticize Islam, and thus, in the 1920’s Rangila Rasul was published and a major attack against the personality of Muhammad (Saw) was started, and it was all MGA’s fault.

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