In August of 1897, the case of Dr. Clarke and the British government vs. MGA. Lekh Ram had died just a few months earlier, and it seemed like some fanatical Ahmadi’s had planned the murder. Nevertheless, a few months later, Abdul Hameed showed up at Dr. Clarke’s location in Amritsar in the guise of wanting to convert to Christianity. Soon after showing up, he confessed that MGA had sent him to murder Dr. Clarke. However, after the case started, and trial began, Abdul Hameed seemed to have totally recanted the story and blamed the Christians at Amritsar and Beas for scaring him into such a testimony, i.e. that MGA sent him to commit murder. In the below, we have extracted Dr. Clarke’s response to Abdul Hameed, via Ahmadi sources. We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, pages 183-194.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Translation of the statement of Doctor Martyn Clarke on solemn affirmation, 20th August 1897

I know nothing about this second statement of Abdul Hameed. Abdur Rahim could go to Beas and return to Amritsar between 3 and 6 o’clock. When we all went to Beas, no one had an opportunity to talk privately to Abdul Hameed. At the time of Abdul Hameed’s confession Abdur Rahim was present at a little distance and could not have whispered in the ear. He confessed before me. Abdur Rahim did not speak at the time of the confession. In the confession the word
“harm” was first written by Abdul Hameed, and then the word “kill” he had written of his own accord. I had kept the boy on the request of Mr. Allsop, District Superintendent Police, and on his own request. I heard later about Mr. Grey and his going to him [to Mr. Grey]. (On a question from the lawyer of the defendant) I am a doctor missionary. I did not pay the travelling expenses and the fee of my lawyer. I do not remember whether I appointed Ram Bhaj Dutt as lawyer or he came of himself. We people take action together about someone who is enemy of all. (On a question from the court) Abdur Rahim remained in the service of the mission for 32 years. When the boy came, Abdur Rahim was in a very frightened state and confessed that he had come to kill him. On the day of the departure of the boy I rebuked Abdur Rahim on his apparent intentions. I had guessed that the indication was not incorrect. The boy’s face kept on changing colour. No question was asked on 20-8-97.
Signature of the Judge.
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