Recently, Maulvi Razi casted doubt on MGA’s “Yuz Asaf Theory” or the “Kashmir Theory”. Ahmadi’s have been doing this the 1990′s. However, MGA called it a big sign of his, i.e., discovering the tomb of Yuz Asaf and connecting it with Eisa (as). However, MGA had claimed that his God told him that Eisa (as)=Yuz Asaf (see the refs in the below).

In 1996, Mirza Tahir Ahmad told Ahmadi’s that even if this grave is not that of Eisa (as), it makes no difference. Mirza Tahir Ahmad knew that MGA used 23:50 in terms of Yuz Asaf= Eisa (as), however, he chose to downplay that. This was never stated before him. Watch the full video here. This is in total contradiction with his father, the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and their interpretations of 23:50 of the Quran. Mirza Tahir Ahmad did this since he had heard that Suzanne Olsson (check out her facebook page) was planning on conducting DNA testing on the Yuz Asaf grave site. Mirza Tahir Ahmad got scared and began planning for a situation wherein “if” it was proven that the body and gravesite were less than 500 years old. You can listen to Suzanne Olsson herein explaining how she had gotten permits from the government of India, however, abruptly, it was all stopped. There is also a video of local Kashmiri’s who claim that Yuz Asaf came from Egypt and is not Eisa (As). You can watch the full video herein, its from Bj Witelus‘ youtube channel. Check out Suzanne Olsson’s website herein. Her book on this topic was published in 2018.

In 2021, the Shams ud Din challenge on Yuz Asaf left the #Qadianis speechless. In 2023, all the Qadiani’s on the live stream with Imtiaz refused to speak about the Yuz Asaf theory, in fact, Yahya Khan called “Jesus in India” as irrelevant.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ “Asla Musaffa” in english as “Pure Honey” (currently available on the Lahori-Ahmadi website)


Mirza Khuda Bakhsh writes that Allah told MGA that his grave Eisa (as) is in Mohallah, Khanyar, Srinagar (see also Shams ud Din at the 1:15:21 mark). This is page-2 of the 2nd Volume.

On the first page it says :

“jub is tehreek (ahmadiyyat)  kaa aghaz hooa islam per charoon taraf say hamlaa ho raha thaa. Aik aitraaz jo islam per hamlaa kernay kay leeya isaiyon (christians) kay haath main zaberdust hathiayaar thaa, jis kaa kisee bhee jeht (angle) say koee bhee jawaab musalmanon say bun naheen per rahaa tha, wo yay thaakay ‘hamaara masih sadiaan guzernay kay bawajood ab bhee asmaan per be jasad e ansaree zinda moujood hai, aour tumhara rasool yasrab kee ser zameen main madfoon hai. Khood hee insafun bataao, kay asmanon per zinda masih afzal hooa yaa tumhaara fout shudaa zameen main mudfoon rasool, our phir agar tumhaaray rasool kee umat bigar jaaygee to is kee islah kay liyay tuharay rasook kee quat e qudsia itnee kamzoor hai kay us kee umat main say koi farad naheen, bulkay masih hee aayay gaa. muslmaan is sawal say zitch hooay laykin un ka paas is kaa koi jawab naa thaa.”

Jawab toO above is on the 2nd page:

Hazrat aqdas Masih Moud baani silsila nay baray zoor kay saath pehlay (above) sawal kay jawab main fernaaya, kay islam per mouterzon (people who object) kee yay buniyaad hee ghalat hai kay masih nasiree bejasam ansree ab tuk zinda moujood hain, bulkay wo fout ho chukay hain, gis tarah aaj tuk tamaam rasool aour nabi aour ouliyaa fout hotay chalay aaiy hain AOU JAISAY KAY ALLAH TAALA NAY UNHAIN BATAYA KAY MOHALA KHANIYAAR SRINAGAR KASHMIR MAIN UN KEE QABAR MOUJOOD HAI”

Asal Musaffa vol 2 PAGE 2

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Tiryaqul Qulub Rohani Khazain Vol-15 page, 145
See Imtiaz, 43:46 timestamp
Livestream – Death & Second coming of Esa Ibn Maryam – Mirza Ghulam Vs Islam – YouTube

“”Lions and goats will drink from a well and children will play with snakes and wolves will stop their attacks. This indicates that he will be born under the shadow of an empire whose work will be justice and justice. So these hadiths clearly and openly prove the praise of the English kingdom because that Christ was born under this kingdom and it is this kingdom which by its justice is gathering snakes together with children and there is such a peace that No one can oppress anyone. Therefore, I, who am the promised Messiah, had nothing to do with the kingdom of the earth, but it was certain that I would come from poverty and poverty. To remove this objection from the world that Islam was spread by the sword and not by heavenly signs because the coming of the promised Messiah was for the defeat of Christian ideas. Then, when Christ himself began to oppress and convert people to Islam by the sword and teach such teachings, then he will strengthen the objections of the Christians that they have about jihad against Islam. Nor will it drive them away. Therefore, it is necessary for the children of God, Christ and Mahdi, to spread the religion with heavenly signs so that those people who falsely
accused God’s religion of Islam will be ashamed. So for this reason I have been sent with signs and one of my biggest miracles is that I have proved the death of Hazrat Isa (peace be upon him) through sensory evidence and given the address of his death place and grave. is so whoever will read my book Jesus in India from the beginning to the end. Be it a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew or an Aryan, it is impossible that after reading this book he will not be convinced that the idea of Christ’s ascension to heaven is nonsense, lies and slander. Therefore, this evidence is not limited to theoretical limits, but is a very clear and clear intuition, which is not only far from justice, but also far from human decency to deny.””


English translation
“And one big-heavy sign of mine is that i used “rational arguments” and “sensory data” and thus proved that Hazrat Eisa (as) died, and his death and grave was found by me”.

“aur aikh baraa bharee mojzai may-ra (mine) yah hai, ke manay hissee aur buddie sabuthou kay zaree-ay, Hazrat Eisa (as) ka wafat ko sabhat kardee-a, aur inkee jhai wafat aur kover ka putta dee-a”.
Malfuzat-2, online english edition
2019 edition

An Address of the Promised Messiah at the Farewell Gathering1
The Purpose of the Advent of the Promised Messiah

The Promised Messiah as states: “Authentic and definitive knowledge has been given to us in the Holy Quran alluding to the fact that Jesus, peace be upon him, was taken down from the cross alive and that he was saved from this calamity. However, it is a pity that over the last one thousand years, where many other afflictions have appeared, this matter too fell into darkness, and unfortunately, the notion became firmly rooted within the Muslims that the Messiah
as was lifted into the heavens alive and that he will descend from the sky when the Resurrection approaches.

However, in this, the fourteenth century, Allah the Exalted sent me by way of divine appointment so that I may dispel the errors that have taken root within the Muslims internally and manifest the truth of Islam before the world. Furthermore, I have been sent to respond to the allegations that are levelled against Islam externally and clearly demonstrate the reality of the other false religions—particularly the religion of the cross, i.e. the Christian faith. I have been tasked to
uproot its erroneous doctrines, which are dangerous and harmful to the people, and which are a hindrance to the nourishment and development of man’s spiritual faculties.


1 During the very days in which the Promised Messiah as was writing his book Jesus in India, it came to light that certain relics of the Messiah of Nazareth as had been found in Nasibain (situated in the Arab country of Iraq), which furnished evidence of the Messiah’s journey and corroborated the fact that he settled in Kashmir. The Promised Messiah as deemed it advisable to dispatch a commission or delegation to personally investigate and examine these relics and the state of affairs, and then for the delegation to return to Qadian from the route on which the Messiah journeyed to Kashmir. In order to see off this delegation and bid them farewell, an event was arranged by the name of Jalsa Al- Wida (The Farewell Gathering). Due to certain compelling circumstances, although the dispatch of this delegation was postponed, the event, nonetheless, was held on the 12-14 November 1899, with great excitement and celebration. The present address was delivered by the Promised Messiah as on this occasion.

The True Facts About Jesus as Son of Mary
From among these various beliefs, one concept relates to the Messiah ascending
into heaven—a notion, which unfortunately, even some Muslims have begun to
advocate. It is this very concept on which Christianity is based, because the foundation
on which salvation stands in Christianity is this very cross. The Christians believe that the Messiah died on the cross for them, then he came back to life and ascended into heaven, this being proof of His divinity.

Those Muslims who have supported the Christians erroneously do not believe that the Messiah died on the cross, but they do believe that he was raised to heaven alive. However, the reality which Allah Almighty has disclosed to me is that the Messiah son of Mary was tormented severely at the hands of the Jews of his age, just as the truthful are tormented in their respective times at the hands of foolish opponents. Ultimately, these very same Jews strove to somehow put an end to him and kill him on the cross by way of conspiracy and mischief. It would appear that they succeeded in their designs, because it was ordered that the Messiah son of Mary be put on the cross. However, Allah the Exalted who never allows for His truthful and divinely commissioned servants to be wasted, saved him from the curse that was necessitated by him dying on the cross and gave rise to such means that he was taken down from the cross alive.

There are many arguments to this effect that are found in the very Gospel itself, but I do not intend to mention them on this occasion. By studying the incidents that surround the crucifixion according to the Gospel account, it becomes clearly evident that the Messiah son of Mary was taken down from the cross alive. Then, since he had many enemies in his own land—enemies who were thirsty for his blood—and since he had already stated that ‘a Prophet is not without honour but in his own country,’ alluding to his migration, Jesus as decided to leave his homeland. In order to fulfil the obligation of his ministry, he set out in search of the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Passing through Nasibain, he arrived in Kashmir through Afghanistan, and continued preaching to the Children of Israel who were settled in Kashmir. He reformed these people and ultimately passed away whilst he was among them. This is the fact that has been disclosed to me.”””
Malfoozat volume 1, page 221-222
1988 Urdu edition

MGA said that the whole story of Jesus surviving crucifixion and going to Kashmir and dying there is what Allah opened to him so Mirza Tahir cannot argue that there’s no issue if MGA made a mistake in the grave of Jesus because it wasn’t a revelation. MGA said God opened it to him.

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